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Torsion springs are helical springs, which store rotational force, known as torque. The legs of such springs are stimulated to create the twisting effect. Springs store mechanical energy in them. These springs work on the principle that when the end of a spring is attached to another material (if the material rotates around the center of that particular spring), it tries to push this material to its initial position or place. These springs are designed in a wide variety of sizes, thickness, and materials. There are many ways in which we may use these springs.

Uses of torsion springs

Application of torsion springs is endless. Small torsion springs are used in electronic products whereas large torsion springs are used for industrial purposes. Some applications of the springs are listed below:

Used indoors

The springs are very useful for doors and are used as door hinges. They are vital to doors because they bring back the door to its original position. They are used in normal house doors, automobile doors, garage doors and even in the dynamic industrial doors. In fact, the torsion spring is an essential component while making doors. These springs are also used in high or vertical lifts. You can find these springs in a number of sizes and shapes because of its use in various kinds of doors.

A component in cloth pins

Clothespins are the commonest things that can be seen anywhere in our homes. You can watch them at your roofs or basement or in the storeroom of your house. Their structure is basic, and you have never gone through the trouble of thinking about how these things work. Their functionality is based on the working of small torsion springs. The force of the torsion spring allows these springs to open and close and these springs are the reason behind the clamping abilities of these clothespins.

Clocks and Watches

Some clocks work through torsion spring. When the pendulum of such clocks is suspended from its corner, it comes back to the position via torsion spring. When the pendulum rotates around, the spring is twisted, and then the pendulum oscillates back and forth because of the force of the spring. In addition, this is how pendulum clocks work.

Mechanical watches also use spiral torsion spring to function. The torsion spring pushes the wheel of the watch to the center during its rotation.

Medical apparatus

The medical industry has many uses of torsion springs. The instruments which make use of small torsion springs are hospital beds, various dental equipment, immobilization devices and wheelchairs. The springs are made up of carbon steel, which is responsible for the long life of the torsion springs.

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Torsion springs are important components in our lives. I have listed four uses while its other uses include switches, clipboards, vehicle shields and an endless list goes on. We could not have imagined some of the most important (which are also some of the most basic) tools in our lives to exist, if these rotatory springs would have never come into existence. You may search on the web for Small torsion springs and Large torsion springs if you would like to know more about them.

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