4 Easy Ways To Achieve Relaxation And Great Skin

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Do you often find yourself spending hours after hours working? Do you barely have the time to eat good food or get enough sleep? Heck, you might even have a hard time enjoying life. Stress, in particular, can really be a daunting thing to have. But hey, there are ways for you to achieve the much-needed relaxation, let alone make your skin as great as possible. Here they are in a nutshell!

Remember to keep your stress levels in check

In case you didn’t know, stress can take a toll on every part of your body, one of which is your skin. If you do not keep the deal with it, the likes of acne breakouts can happen. As mentioned above, stress can cause your hormones to spike, which, in turn, results in It even prevents your body from having the ability to battle acne-causing bacteria.

It is important that you start keeping that frazzled feeling under control. Start by adding regularly practice stress-management techniques to your lifestyle. For starters, you can go to the beach and enjoy the scenery. You may also try the likes of deep breathing and yoga, two activities that are proven to fight off stress effectively.

Sleep is certainly not for the weak

If you do not get enough sleep, any skin condition you have will only worsen. The increased inflammatory response, for instance, will tend to show up as rapid acne breakouts. It could also lead to drastic skin sensitivity, while allergic contact dermatitis reactions are increased.


The more severe conditions you have, the more treatment you will need. Above anything else, sleep deprivation detracts your body’s ability to produce natural beauty. Since it increases inflammatory cells, there will be an increased collagen breakdown. And yes, the same thing can be said with hyaluronic acid, which is the molecule responsible for giving your skin its glow and translucency. It may not be a serious personal injury, but it is something you should be cautious about.

Ah, the green tea!

Believe it or not, drinking green tea is not just relaxing – it can also be beneficial for your skin. Let’s you have a complexion that is either blotchy or red. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties that can be quite soothing. Iced green tea is a much-preferred option than hot beverages. That is because the latter may only worsen redness and/or do more harm than good. Moreover, green tea has epigallocatechin gallate – or simply EGCG – which is meant to prevent the possibility of collagen destruction, which can result in wrinkles and sun-induced DNA damage in your skin. As much as possible, you should try drinking tea in the morning as a substitute for your coffee.

All you need is a “me time”

Seriously, give yourself a break and consider some relaxing activities. What most stressed people forget is that they can actually follow a way of life that, in one way or another, limits stress altogether. You just need to take your time once in a while and try to slow things down. Go on a break, relax, and do not take things too seriously. It is one of the best ways to handle stress. Go on a vacation, spend some time with your family indoors, or simply go to the beach.

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