What is a Payday loanThe payday loan is a method of short-term borrowing a sum of money at a very high interest and the amount should be disbursed within 2 hours or sometimes within 24 hours or rarely sometimes can be a week. Instant borrowing and instant settlement for which high interest to be paid.  You may think why we need money instantly because our life is full of unexpected surprises which include emergency medical expenses, delay in monthly salary, an important tour, urgent home repairs or any other emergencies. Such situation we are in need of money that time direct payday loan or payday loan online come to rescue.

Payday loan online

A payday loan also can be available via online is called as payday loan online. Simple steps to be followed to get the payday loan online.

How to apply for a payday loan online?

To apply for payday loans the online same day, one needs to do these steps.

Requirements Documents for applying for a Payday loan online

  • Valid identity card
  • Address proof
  • Need a proof that you have a job and regular income and capable of pay back the loan; hence need income/employment proof.
  • Should be a major, i.e., he/she should be a minimum of 18 years old to qualify for an online Personal loan, hence need their age proof.

Applying for a payday loan online near me:

Using the mobile app or lenders official website, application to be filled duly by providing the original details and other information. It is simple process hardly takes to 5 to 10 minutes. Select your loan amount and tenure. All night and day we can access the bank website and get the instant payday loan instantly.  Application form generally includes personal detail, job details, and contact detail.

Documentation and Registration:

Once the payday loan online application is filled up, we are followed by the documentation. Documentation involves providing the relevant details involve the following

  • Latest salary slip.
  • Last six-month salary account statement.
  • Last month electricity bill.
  • Address proof.

Business Loan Document Checklist help With Loan Application

Approval and Transfer:

Normally approval of the payday loan online involves little time, i.e., within minutes once you are furnished with the necessary details. Unless you are provided with fewer details, then it may require additional details. Then you have to confirm. Once confirmed, immediately the amount is transferred to your bank account successfully. And as per the payback agreement, the borrower should repay the amount with the interest he/she committed with.

Payday loan online India:

Here we are given some firms which are providing the payday loan online hassle free is

  • Money in minutes
  • Credit Bazar
  • Rupeeland
  • Exceedcash
  • Myloan Buddy

Benefits of payday loan online:

Some of the benefits of payday loan are listed below

  • 5 minutes to apply
  • Fast approval and sanction
  • Flexible repayment options
  • No collateral needed for loan
  • Fast and real-time loan requests
  • All credit types are accepted


Payday loan online is usually being repaid in a single payment by the borrower either on or before the due date. If one cannot repair the particular principal amount, then “roll over” which means the due time can be extended but same high interest to be paid until the principal amount return to the lender.

For example, if one borrowed the amount of rupees 5000, the interest has been paid in rupees 750, with the due date of one week.

If the borrower cannot repay the amount within the due date, then roll over to be applicable, which means one more week can be given to him to repay the same principal amount, but he has to additionally pay rupees 750 as interest for the second week. Totally he has to pay 1500 rupees for 5000 rupees. Every payday loan features can be varies depending on the personal profile and other details.  Hence the payday loan online or direct is useful for an emergency situation or urgent need. Hope the information provided is useful. Leave your valuable comments in the comment. Share this article with your content. Have a nice day.

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