3 Important Aspects While Playing Rummy That Improve Your Memory

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Social card games like rummy have always been associated with cognitive skills involving superb memory, strategy, and alertness. Studies have further vouched for the fact that playing card games are the best means to reduce stress levels in adults which are mainly due to work-related pressure, professional and personal life imbalances, health issues etc. Players who have been playing card games like online rummy exhibit profound memory, attention to detail, enhanced analytical and reasoning skills in addition to being alert and composed. Surprisingly, it is found that they exhibit these skills outside the game too.

Short-term memory and Rummy

Scientifically, the major categories of our memory are the long-term memory and short-term memory. Long-term memory is associated with memories that can last for days, months and years too. While short-term memory is associated with memory related to a short time, say a couple of minutes. Card games like online rummy are more related to short-term memory as it requires storing information for a few minutes before you either dismiss the information or move it to long-term memory if you perceive it as important to be stored for a longer period.

In this article, let’s try to unravel 3 important aspects of playing rummy that help you improve your memory.

  1. Being alert when cards get discarded or picked

One of the key skills in playing rummy online is the ability to remember the cards being discarded by the opponents and the probable cards being picked up. It is your ability to remember that will help you analyze thoroughly the cards your opponent is discarding with each move and prompt you to reason the possible cards he/ she may have picked and the probable melds him/ she is working on. This conscious effort to keep an eye on your opponent’s move will help you improve your memory greatly in the long run.

  1. Ability to work out the probable combinations of sets or sequences

How to play rummy successfully depends on your ability to analyze the situation and draw inferences from it. In rummy online, based on the cards that get discarded you should be able to guess the cards your opponent has picked and the possible combinations he/ she could be working on. This is very crucial as it impacts your decisions and eventually your moves too. Your ability to work out the probable combination of melds will enhance your memory significantly.

  1. Ability to take quick decisions and actions

In case of online rummy which is governed by time limitations, your quick decisions followed by swift actions keep your chances bright in the game. How to play rummy skillfully depends on your ability to study your opponent’s moves, understand his/ her intentions and plan strategies for your moves that prove vital in winning. With skills like analysis, reasoning, and decision making you are able to trigger your memory for good as you play the game more.


Online rummy is a game where memory matters the most. A good memory is the key to your success in the game. At the same time, playing rummy regularly helps you improve your memory eventually.

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