3 Factors Affecting The Granite Countertop Prices for Kitchens

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Countertops are one of the most essential aspects of any kitchen and granite worktops are one of the most popular ones among the different materials available today. But if you go for purchasing kitchen granite worktops you will see that not all of them do not cost the same. That is why you should understand the differences that exist between them so that you can make a better buying decision.

You will find that the granite prices range from $100 – $200 per square foot of the granite worktops. Here are some of the factors that actually affect the varying price range of the granite countertops.

  • Special Treatments or Grades of the Granite Worktops – There are different grades of granite that are used for countertops which are indicative of it strength and composition. The greater the quality of the granite the higher the cost. To make them less susceptible to stains, some of the granite worktops are treated with advanced products. Most of these require to be freshly sealed each year for preventing the stains in a more effective way.
    There are also instances when the granite worktops are specially treated so that they can go up to 10-15 years without staining. Obviously these granite worktops are of premium qualities that cost more than the other types of granite worktops.
  • Availability or Colour – The relative rarity of the granite countertops can make it costlier, just like in case of any product, the supply as well as the demand of the product will determine the cost of your countertop in this case.
    Some of the qualities like the size and the grade of the material can make some types of granite far scarcer than the other types. Granite is mined in a number of different countries of the world. If you go for granite worktops that are mined within the state, it will cost much lesser that that granite which is mined outside the country or the state.
  • Size of the Granite Slabs – The size of the pieces will affect the cost in case of the kitchen granite worktops. The lesser the number of larger pieces in the countertop the more the countertop will cost as a whole. In granite worktops the seams are much more visible than in case of the other materials. So you should avoid them as much as possible. Therefore one large piece is much better than a number of smaller ones.
    Moreover, one piece from the same slab will look better in respect of appearance and colour than two from different slabs. Larger pieces of kitchen granite worktops cost more not only because they are cut from a larger slab but also because they are much more difficult to be installed.

The more flexibility you can show with the colour, pattern and gradation of the granite countertop material the greater you will be able to save. But ensure that you appoint professionals for installing granite countertops in order to avoid expensive mistakes. It is also suggested that you spend a bit more at the time of installation so that you can reap the benefits of granite for years to come.

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