244 Crorepati Candidates Contested West Bengal State Assembly Polls

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244 Crorepati Candidates Contested West Bengal State Assembly Polls

Right now the biggest point of attraction for all the residents of West Bengal is nothing but the State Assembly elections. The phases are all over and everybody irrespective of the political color is looking forward to 19th of May 2016. That is the day on which the ultimate fate of all the politicians of West Bengal will be sealed. The biggest issue this year was Saradha and Narada. If a change is made, then the total background that would be making it up will be “Financial Issues”. Scams one after the other are probably the biggest mistakes of the present Government. The illegal property of the ministers is big issue this time and is the topic of discussion at every tea corner of Bengal right now. But is anybody really aware of how many candidates contesting this year possess huge property worth crores? Let’s take a look.

Out of the 1961 candidates contesting the elections this year, 244 are crorepatis. Though it sounds shocking, yet it is the reality that the state of West Bengal is facing today. As we all have witnessed the Narada footages and also seen the TMC leaders’ names getting involved into the Saradha scams, it is not very difficult to gauge that the ruling party leads this group with 114 crorepati candidates.


After this comes the name of another ruling party. This time it’s not just about West Bengal, but about the whole nation. The second position has been successfully secured by the Bharatiya Janata Party, with 46 crorepati candidates. This is followed by Congress (31), Independent (19), CPIM (13), BSP (4), RSP and AIFB share two each. Apart from this 11 other political parties which aalso include RJD in the list have one crorepati candidate each.

The growth rate of the Kasba MLA’s property was 598%. In 2011 his total assets valued to Rs 2.16 crore, which rose to Rs 17.29 crore in 2016. While Mr Mahapatra, the state Water Investigation and Development minister had a total asset of Rs 1.76 crore in 2011, it increased to Rs 7.83 crore in 2016.

So that was a small picture of the financial status of West Bengal politicians right now. Rather, it would be better to say that it was a small piece of information provided to you regarding the people who claim to work for you after the election and thus you elect them.

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