Most office goers cannot wait to get away from the 9-to-5 rat race. Working from home or starting a new business sounds great, but they come with particular challenges. Office work keeps us bound to a routine that is supposed to encourage commitment and productivity. We are here to explore some of the salient features of shared office spaces and the advantages that they bring with them.

Co-working increases productivity through certainty

Shifting the work base to home is initially appealing, but soon the chores, uninvited guests, and the occasional delivery creep into the work hours. Sometimes, these factors take a severe toll on individual productivity levels. That is where most freelancers try to find a coffee shop or a library with a decent Wi-Fi connection. However, this step comes with certain levels of uncertainty. Imagine walking in into the café one day to find your favorite spot occupied or a huge crowd waiting for the new pumpkin spice flavor of the month! These are a few trepidations that eat their way into the daily calmness a fixed workplace usually brings. Only if you could find a cost-effective solution to this problem! Most modern freelancers and self-employed entrepreneurs prefer working out of shared office spaces. These co-working joints offer certainty, structure, networking opportunities and office resources like office spaces, but without the strict office timings. Co-working joints are boons to the city folks, who want to bring a positive change to their work-life balance. Coworking can potentially increase the productivity, confidence, and focus of the people working. A study shows that about 64% of the entrepreneurs reported being more productive and 90% of the business owners operating out of shared offices displayed improved confidence levels.

Offers better control of the work environment

Working from home gives you a certain amount of control over the work environment and your mood. It is like creating your Zen garden and blocking out the negative energy that could have come from bickering coworkers or unhealthy competition between colleagues. However, working alone has its cons. How long would you prefer to work alone once without making new connections? One of the most significant advantages of working in a professional setup is understanding the hierarchy and making new connections. That is something that working from home does not facilitate. Shifting your work-based to coworking spaces ensures a bustling office life without the competition and the potential of forming a network of professionals. Shared office spaces put the workers in the middle of a vast system with expert skill sets and specialized training. You can pick their brains any time you need, as long as you find a shared office that aligns with your profession.

Co-working hours are flexible

One of the primary reasons people feel tired of their office-life is the stringent timing. It becomes more than trite after a couple of days. Braving the morning rush hour to reach office before the punch-in deadline and battling the day’s work to be able to leave on time to grab the evening train back home. Then there are the year endings, the client meets, review work and over time. These are some of the many factors that take the fun out of work for most. Co-working offices have flexible timings. There are no strict punch-in and punch-out schedules, as long as you give a few solid hours of work every day. These shared office spaces are a lot like traditional offices, but without the clock dishing out pay cuts and penalties. Find out how you can tweak your office hours to retain the same level of productivity and efficiency at

It emphasizes on comfort

Coworking tends to grow on the members. No matter where you go, you will be able to find a new office at the new location. As long as you have your laptop, phone, and notebook, you should be all ready to set up a new office at a brand new location. Co-working is becoming popular all across the globe with over 10,000 offices in the USA. Thanks to the fierce competition, they have to maintain a standard of services and offer a set of resources to the workers to stay in business. Whether it is flexible office setups like dedicated office desks or a one-person office, or Starbucks coffee twice a day with access to a rec room and gym; you will find a fixed standard of added services from each leading co-working space providers. It is their responsibility to facilitate the productivity and efficiency of the clients, but that does not come without a keen emphasis on the quality of their lives. The motto of most of the leading shared office space providers is to provide a comfortable work area for the individual or a team.

Why do people appreciate co-working spaces?

Co-working is the reality that gives shape to the dream of a digital nomad.  According to a study from Harvard Business Review, people in coworking spaces thrive better than people in traditional offices. The levels of thriving are at least a point higher than that of regular offices. Membership based workspaces are the dojo for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. These spaces have a unique feature that allows the professionals to view their work as more meaningful. Since the members of a shared space come from various backgrounds, it provides the people with a broader view of the scopes of their work. Working amidst professionals from different backgrounds helps in strengthening the identity of an individual. Additionally, coworking spaces foster the practice of helping others. People find it much easier to reach out to other non-competing individuals at their office.

Shared spaces offer collaboration, sustainability, learning, and networking. Some might want to believe that co-working is a buzzword du jour, but it has been trending for quite a few years now. Several online business magazines and blogs are of the opinion that job-holders like working from shared offices more than general offices since they can assume better job control in the former case. The blend of an ergonomic work environment and elective work experience give people higher levels of satisfaction as compared to their mundane office lives.

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