Lemon Water: 6 Health Benefits & Reasons to Drink It: It’s bad to begin the day with tea or coffee. Both these beverages may cause stain or discoloration to your teeth. They can eventually lead to tooth decay.

You should rather try something healthy in the morning. Why not lemon water! It’s not only trendy but comes with loads of health benefits as well. Plus, there will be no risk to your dental health.
Lemon is all natural as it not only adds flavour to your dishes but can also provide a lot of health benefits as well. Just mix it with water and gulp down a glass every morning you wake up and see the difference.

Here are 6 reasons to drink lemon water daily –

1. Stay hydrated
Dehydration is normal as it is the result of daily chores, exercise and any activity we do daily. Our body thus needs to balance out the water it loses else there will always be health concerns. Water is easily the best beverage when it comes to staying hydrated to remain on top of physical activity. The foods we eat or drinks we gulp down also help our body the required amount of water. And if the taste of water does not fit you well, you can add some drops of lemon to make it tastier.

2. Keep your blood pressure low
Doctors always recommend eating lots of citrus foods to maintain your cardiovascular health. They items are rich in vitamin C which is known to reduce the risk of strokes and thus keep your blood pressure lower. If your body lack this vitamin and you are obese as well, the risk of heart attack may go up considerably. Lemon water can help your hearth remain healthy apart from boosting your immune system. More so, lemons work as antioxidants and protect cells from free radicals to keep your skin glowing and healthy.

3. Improve your skin quality
Dry and wrinkled skin is common among people who consume less vitamin C. And when wrinkles grow, and your skin turn towards dryness, it may make you look older than you are. You can drink more of lemon water and keep your skin as rejuvenated as it should. This will help your skin retain the moister and not become dry or wrinkle-prone. Even drinking plenty of water can keep the toxins out of the body and make your skin looks fresh. So, stop drinking tea or coffee and rather switch to lemon water to look your age.

4. Lose weight
Try lemon water every morning if you want to lose weight at home by using natural remedies only. Lemon is quite beneficial when it comes to weight loss as it’s been used across societies with great effect. The reason why lemon juice supports weight loss may either be due to the polyphenol antioxidants found in lemons or for fullness the body experience with water. If weight is a concern for you and you want to lose some flash, there’s no better way than drink lemon water every morning and achieve the goal.

5. Boost your digestion
Lemons have traditionally been used to boost digestion and the practice is still in prevalence with great effect. Sour lemon taste not only helps digest food easily but also prevents the build-up of toxins in the body. In fact, drinking lemon water as work as a morning laxative and keep you away from the risk of constipation. Nothing helps your digestive system as much as waking up to hot lemon water. So, stay away from those harmful caffeinated beverages and switch to lemon water instead for improving your digestion.

6. Freshen your breath
The lemon in your kitchen not only helps add flavour to your dishes but may also help remove stench from your mouth. The acidic nature of lemon makes it neutralize odour effectively and instantly. And if your breath stinks due to some foods like garlic or onion, you can drink lemon water and get over the problem easily. In fact, lemon water can also help stimulate saliva and check bacterial growth in the mouth. This is how you are spared any tooth cavity treatment on immediate basis as your teeth and gums then will be healthy and disease-free.

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