Ways To Create A Stunning Instagram Page For Your Travel Blog: Are you one of those people who love to travel to exotic places whenever you get the opportunity? The temptation to try out different cuisines and learn about new cultures can be overpowering. In such a situation, you could consider writing up an online travelogue of your journeys to such locations and market it on the internet. This step will enable you to share your experience on such adventures with other individuals who share similar interests. You may even inspire them to pack their bags and undertake such trip whenever they get the chance. Afterall, experts say traveling goes a long way in broadening people’s minds.

Why use Instagram for your travel blog?

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing applications in the world. This is because people find this interactive social media networking platform fun to use and it enables them to connect with the individuals they know in the manner they could never imagine possible. No wonder it is so popular among travel bloggers and entrepreneurs operating small businesses. Research studies indicate that there are over 800 million people around the world who actively use it for various purposes. Many experts even believe this figure is likely to increase to one billion in a couple of years.

Top 4 tips for creating a travel blog using Instagram

Such professionals even go one step further to suggest the following four crucial tips on how to make your travel blog appeal to your target audience using Instagram:

  • Come up with a catchy name

The first thing you need to do to create a travel blog using Instagram is to open an account on this popular social media networking platform. You need to go out of your way to make it appear professional to the members of your target audience. This implies posting a stunning picture profile of yourself and ensure the quality of the content you write up on site can generate interest among the public. At the same time, you need to come up with a  trendy name which your readers do not have difficulty in remembering and give them a clear idea of what your blog is about. Think of your blog as a brand product you need to promote in the marketplace.

  • Relate a strong using your pictures on Instagram

People of different ages and backgrounds love looking at stunning pictures of exotic places. With some unique features on Instagram, you are in a position to make such images even more captivating for your target audience. They should be able to tell the people are browsing through such blogs a story of your travels to such locations.  In some cases, they can even transport them back to their childhood memories. This is what makes this popular social media networking channel stand out from the crowd.

  • Show your commitment to your viewers

You need to take time out of your busy schedule to post stunning pictures of your travels to distant places to generate interest of your target audience. Make it a point to post at least three pictures or videos on your travel blog via updates. Providing such information goes a long way in building a gallery for your site to attract the attention of your target audience and obtaining positive feedback from them. You can even visit Gramblast to buy such Instagram likes, shares, views, and followers.

  • Make use of other social media networking channels

If you have an account of other prominent social media networking platforms, do hesitate to share travel pictures on the pages of such sites. This enables you to attract more people on the internet to your travel blog instead of just Instagram users.

3 Key factors you need to consider you make the photos of your travel blog stand out

Experts go on to say that in your travel blog the pictures need to be a class apart to ensure its success and popularity among online browsers. They suggest you keep in mind the following three important factors when it comes to taking memorable photos of the places you are visiting:

  • Choose a scenery which out of the ordinary

When it comes to taking stunning snaps of the locations you are visiting, it is essential to use your creativity. Looking for something strange in your environment which your target audience has never seen before to generate their interest. You could also consider taking pictures of popular landscapes from different angles.

  • Always remember the magic hour

Most photographers with a good reputation in the market will tell you that the ‘magic hour’ in their profession refers to sunrise and sunset. They use the lighting of such periods in most of the photos they take because it is soft and full of unique shadows. You need to apply the same concept in all the pictures you take for your travel blog.

  • Frame

Lighting is not the only aspect you should pay attention to when it comes to taking stunning pictures for your travel blog. You also have to consider the frame in all your photos. Mastering this vital feature of photography will go a long way in giving more depth to the snapshots you take on your trips to distant places.

Equipment and editing software

Such experts admit that since photo quality is essential to your travel blog, you need to invest in the right equipment rather than just depend on your phone to do the job. They suggest you opt to buy cameras which companies like Cannon offer to sell to professional photographers like Powershot camera SX430. It is also a good idea to go through free editing software you can download online like Photo or the popular Instasize,  or Adobe Photoshop CC and others like Canva to make your photos stand out.

Instagram can prove indispensable for your travel blog. The pictures you post using this popular social media networking channel along with your write can transport your online followers to the places you want them to see. It may even encourage them to go on such journey themselves whenever they get the opportunity. It opens up their eyes to new cultures, people and cuisines.

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