Different Types of Car Service Available for The Car Owners: Owning a car comes with the responsibility of getting the car serviced at regular intervals. This is a ‘must’ and not an option. However, you can make a choice between the local garage and the dealer. Understanding the difference between the two types of car service will help you understand which service to opt for.

Let us go through some details of car servicing when you reach out a dealer:

#1. Experts in Their Field:

A technician working for a dealer knows a car inside out as he is specifically trained in handling that very model. This means, there is no trial and error method applied. Your car is in safe hands and will be serviced in accordance with the instructions given by the manufacturer. You can look forward to saving time as the experts can diagnose the problem without in less time than expected.

#2. Dealer Warranty:

Opting for the car servicing with a specific car dealer leads to safeguarding the manufacturer’s warranty. The dealers have the required original replacement parts in case of repairs. This might not be possible with the local garage and you might be required to wait until the time the specific part is available.

Types of Car Servicing:

Different dealers offer different types of car servicing. Listed below are some common types of car servicing offered in the car service industry.

car service
Car Service

#1. Safety Service:

This works aptly for those who are low on cash. With such a kind of service, the engine oil is replaced, the oil filter is replaced, an inspection is carried out under the bonnet, belts are inspected, the battery is tested, hoses are checked, and a vehicle safety inspection is carried out. This servicing is definitely affordable but can last for only 15,000 km or 12 months, whichever comes first.

#2. Premium Service:

A premium car Service can last for almost 45,000 km and works well for all kinds of vehicles. With this service, you have the brake fluid checked besides what is done in the major servicing. This is important so that the risk of the parts getting rusted is eliminated. You can also get the coolant replaced with this servicing.

#3. Major Service:

A major service can last for 24 months or 30,000 km. In addition to this, some other inspection of the vehicle includes engine management system, a fault code analysis, replacement of the air filter, a diagnostic scan, replacement of the fuel filter externally and the spark plugs which are non-platinum.

#4. Ultimate Service:

Besides covering up all that is -listed above, the ultimate service ensures that your vehicle is in top condition for at least 48 months. With this car service, you are offered a throttle body clean, flush of the on-car fuel injector, fuel tank additive, and decarburization of the engine.

Once you have decided on the dealer or the car servicing you need to find out which dealer is located close to your home.

Finding Dealers:

You have an option of conducting an online search for the car service centers. Going through the ratings and reviews gives you a fair idea of what to expect from a specific dealer. Customer satisfaction needs to be a priority for any dealer. Ensure there are no compromises made on the quality of service provided as there is no way you can opt for car servicing on the frequent basis.

You also need to ensure that the technicians handling your car are qualified and trained by the said manufacturer. This can help you save some money and also time, which is important.

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