4 key things to ultimately help you find the best custody lawyer: There are situations in life that people rarely imagine finding themselves in. Custody battles are a key example. Once a relationship is over, married or not, the debate over who get the kids and what they are entitled to as support usually ensues.

This can be solved amicably between the parents; but when that fails, lawyers have to be brought in. if you find yourself visiting vhdlaw.com looking for the perfect custody lawyer, here are some guidelines you should use to pick one:

1. Experience

When it comes to some sensitive cases, the experience of the lawyer can either make or break your case. You need to get an experienced lawyer who has handled such a case before and is aware of what it takes. Such a lawyer knows when to be forceful and when to just relax.

An experienced lawyer also knows the judges and how they like a case being approached. They are likely to know what tricks the lawyers of the other party would use to derail the case.

They will foresee circumstances that you might not be able to and prevent you from getting into trouble. They are also likely to know what to ask for as child support and how to ensure you get it.

2. Fees

Every lawyer has legal fees that you need to pay. Some lawyers accept the payment when the case is over while others ask that you pay while the case is ongoing. Some may ask for a bit upfront or all of it upfront. Whatever the case, you need to know all these beforehand.

Ask about all these on your first consultation. Some firms offer it free of charge. If you win the case, you are going to have an extra mouth to feed. Don’t bury yourself in expensive legal fees yet you can get the same services from a cheaper firm. However, don’t choose a bad lawyer because they are cheap; you will regret it.

3. Recommendations

If you have never been in such a situation before, you may not know how to go about it the right way without anyone getting hurt or disappointed. You need to ask for the recommendations of your friends and family.

Get as many choices as you can so that you can compare and pick the one that best suits you. You can get to know the candidates through the people recommending them, to help you know the kind of lawyer they are and how safe your case is in their hands.

4. Strategy

Every lawyer’s strategy is different. The important thing is that they win the case. According to an article by liveabout.com, there are two main strategies including collaborative and adversarial.

The collaborative is when both parties come to the table and discuss amicably through mediation or arbitration in order to come to an understanding. Adversarial is when the lawyer decides to settle the case in court. Such cases may be long, tedious and emotionally draining. Pick a lawyer that chooses the former and only uses the latter as a last resort.

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