Amidst the world’s tough competition, exaggerating your services in front of competitors have turned to be a general thing. When you call a customer service centre and reach out to a professionally scripted customer service representatives, you generally feel like you’re speaking with a bigger company. Undoubtedly, these companies have enough resources to man such operations and manage them. So, if a small scale organisation incorporates such proficient representatives into the organisation, businesses can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction and ultimately enhance your bottom line.

” How to Set up a Small Business Customer Service Call Centre “

This blog will help you to understand that how easy it is to establish a call centre in UK and leverage the benefits by providing your customers with typical services that are generally reserved for the established organisations. By hiring skilled representatives you can ease your personal responsibilities, and run your business in a more specified manner.

First: You aren’t running a business, you are hiring one!

Unless you start up your own firm with all the necessary resources and skills, you can hire an established enterprise to provide services on your behalf. There are numerous call centre companies that aid small business organisation by taking care of their miscellaneous tasks.

Some important reasons why outsourcing a call centre service makes complete sense:

1). Call centre equipment is expensive:

Although it’s easy to establish a call centre infrastructure, once you start staffing and hiring agents, set up call routing, scripted integrated software, and different channels of communication, call centres are no easy to handle. While outsourced call centres have an already established infrastructure with inbuilt services.

2). Recruitment is a complex process:

A hired assistance is harder to manage as it includes taking care of other activities like, scheduling, training, benefits, taxes, and other nuances that comes along. Per day cost of hiring an assistant is far more than hiring a virtual assistance or a call answering machine. Recruiting already trained live agents will cost low and you need not establish a full-fledged set-up for the same.

3). Managing a large group of customers requires skills:

Handling large customer queries, call volumes, quality assurance, customisation, and so on, are some operations that call centre representatives deal every day. If you commit to handling all the operations in-house then it would mess up your regular work.

Second: Customise the service and make sure it meets customer’s requirements:

While setting up a call centre or hiring one, business owners forget that their actual motto is to work for customers’ happiness. Even you would prefer hiring a business firm after examining two or more call centre’s performances. Customers expect likewise. A hired call centre firm is performing your duties. So before using them efficiently, you need to ensure what your prime focus is and what do customers expect from you. This can be done by:

1). Hiring a call centre service in UK that is ahead of time and use highly efficient services.

2). Enhance your call centre to integrate operations that help to improve the overall performance.

Last: Invest time to refine:

It would be inappropriate to set up a call centre and let the agents perform operations all by themselves. It is your duty to monitor each and every operation. By attentively listing to the customers’ calls, giving insightful suggestions, getting feedback and working on improvements, you are doing your part in continually improving the efficiency of your call centre.

There are a wide variety of performance indicators that are used to measure the efficiency and output of the customer service operations. Numerous organisations provide a gigantic level of services to their customers. So here are some important metrics that should be taken care of while measuring call centre performances:

  • Service level:Commonly known as speed-to-answer measure metric. This metric generally measures the accessibility and flexibility of your services towards the customers.
  • Abandon rate:Abandon rate is a factor that calculates the number of calls abandoned per day or monthly. This metric widely affects the overall call centre performances and is measured by the average wait time in a queue.
  • Quality scores:This monitors the overall caller experience and the satisfaction rate that the customers leverage. It also measures the agent’s communication skills and etiquette.
  • Customer satisfaction:This is one of the most important metrics that show how many times the customer has called to report the same type of queries or the same query. Lower the rate, higher the customer satisfaction.


Hopefully, you find this guide a source that can help your organisation to improve your business and serve your customers even better. By considering call centre service UK an extension of your business, you will find an outsourcing partner that will be dedicated to meet your objectives and are extremely worthwhile.

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