Kid’s parties are mostly incomplete without the party games and when this is your kid’s special occasion, why not start with the classics? Musical chair, limbo or pin-the-tail are some games that quite popular even among the parents. Kids are now quite smart and getting bored frequently. So, to keep them busy, engage or involve during the party time, you can give your parties your unique twist that suits your party theme best.

Kids Parties
Kids Parties

Feed the Monster or Bean Bag Toss

To start the game in the Portsmouth Kids Parties start withdrawing a monster on a piece of heavy cardboard or poster board and then just cut a hole in a box where the mouth of the monster would be. It should be large enough so the bean bags will be thrown easily. Lean that face of the monster against a chair and place is six to eight foot away. Everyone takes a turn tossing three ‘food’ item into the mouth of the character. The foods should be like cloth balls, rolled socks, bean bags or other small objects. Every time a kid feeds the monster successfully, he/she will get a prize like wrapped candy, pencil box etc.

This is the classic concept of the game but to add a new twist in your game, you can use the picture of the character that goes well with your party themes instead of the monster like Clown for a circus party, T-Rex for your Dinosaur party or Gorilla for the jungle party.

Duck Duck Goose

To start the in your Portsmouth Kids Parties, gather your guests to sit in a circle and let the guest of honor begin as the “goose”. He/she walks around the circle tapping every child on the head very lightly by saying the word ‘duck’ with each tap of them. He/she can pick the next goose any time by saying “goose” while tapping on their heads. If the new goose does not tap the birthday child before she/he makes it all around the circle and sits in the open spot, then the new goose becomes “it”. To bring a new twist in it, for Bug Party the word can be Buzz Buzz or it can tick tock for a Pirates party.

Guess How Many?

Before starting the party, fill a jar with small toys or candy balls. Count them and keep them in the jar. When the little guests come, ask everyone to guess a number the how many toys are there in the box? Write down each one result and at the end of your party announce the name of the child who guesses the closest number. He/she is the winner of the game and will bring the jar in the home.

To add more excitement in your Portsmouth Kids Parties add a new twist to this classic game by keeping the small insect’s toys for the Bug Party, Orange and black jellybeans for the Halloween party and small plastic dinosaurs for the Dinosaur party or colorful small hair clips or pendants for a princess party.

These are just a few examples but it is quite easy to add more colors to the old classic games with new twists.

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