Being an island in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta boasts a large coastline, alongside the other bordering islands, which form an archipelago. Malta has numerous bays on its coastline, which make it easy for yachts to operate.

With one of the world’s most dense number of historic sites in a country, such as Neolithic temples, Cathedrals, and museums it becomes almost perfect cruising through the blue waters in a yacht, through the breathtaking Mediterranean atmosphere. There is an increase in yacht Carter companies that take you through the Maltese waters in a pleasure yacht. Yacht life in Malta has increased in popularity, and this can be directly associated with the following among other reasons:

Scuba diving and snorkeling

Malta’s coastline comprises of clear waters, which make it perfect for scuba diving and swimming among the fishes. Yachts drop anchor in the deep sea, where the occupants get a chance to do some deep-sea diving in solitude. This is made easier by the favorable climate in Malta, comprising mainly a long summer season, from April to October.

Maltese waters have a wide range of rare sea life, such as the marbled electric ray, Stingray, Scorpion Fish, Blenny, and many more. Scuba diving gives people living in yachts a chance to swim alongside these rare species.

A chance for perfect sundowners

With the perfect climate of Malta, and relatively flat terrain. The terrain is generally low with no mountains but rocks and coastal cliffs. Due to this, a yacht in deep-sea creates a perfect uninterrupted view of a sunrise or a sunset, on either side of Malta making life on a yacht all the more beautiful.

Perfect views from a yacht cruising close to the shores

Due to the many historic monuments in Malta, cruises become expeditions. A yacht cruising around Malta also has a view of Malta’s sister islands Gozo and Comino, which also have their own individual charm view. The historic Cathedrals, Churches and picturesque old stone farmhouses dot the rugged coastline with an awesome landscape. Comino boasts of a beautiful blue lagoon, where yacht owners can go for a dip.

Sampling the different kinds of seafood

There is a wide range of Maltese seafood dishes, such as Aljotta and Klamari Mimlija, which are cooked on yachts in Malta. With its wide range of different fishes in Malta, seafood is a big deal. The chefs on yachts are professionally trained to prepare any of the many different seafood recipes which are sure to blow taste buds.

Hera Cruises

Hera cruises are famous yacht cruises around Malta. There are different kinds of Hera cruises as below:

  1. Hera exclusive around Malta – this cruise takes a whole day, and it’s a relaxing cruise around the island of Malta, giving a view of the rugged sea line
  2. Comino Blue Lagoon Cruise – Perfect for a family getaway, this is a full day cruise to the Comino island, where the family spends the day in the beautiful blue lagoon.
  3. Hera boat party – Hera boat parties are a must go for party lovers, and must be pre-booked due to the high demand. The yacht has a DJ, where sweet music flows in the yacht, alongside alcoholic drinks, cocktails, and seafood, as the revelers enjoy the cool wind of the night in the deep sea.


Yachts have small boats attached to them. When in the deep sea, the yacht drops anchor, and the small boats are used to take people out of the yacht into different places where the yacht can’t reach. These boats give people living on a yacht a chance to have water games and a direct feel of the rough sea waters.

Malta has many yacht charter companies, offering different cruise durations ranging from days to months.

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