Although you may be keeping your pool clean and maintaining the equipment, investing in a pool cover will reduce energy use, costs, evaporation and save you a lot of time.  A cover for your swimming pool is an item that you will need to buy eventually even if your pool is currently an aqua paradise in your backyard with calm water and a perfect atmosphere.

Working hard to keep your pool clean and in good condition is reflected in its overall appearance but after a windy night the pool will be n unrecognizable mass of water filled with twigs, leaves and debris. Consider the following reasons for buying a pool cover.

Slowing Down Evaporation

Evaporation refers to a process during which liquid changes into vapor. This happens to the water in your pool everyday when it does not have a cover.

Reducing Chemical Use

Sneezing and watery red eyes are clear signs of reactions to chemical compounds in the pool. Pool chemicals can results in various reactions that range from irritation to asthma and allergies. A pool cover helps to reduce the chemical consumption of the pool by a large percentage.

Retaining Heat

  • When a heated swimming pool is covered during the night, heat loss reduces. This means that the water will be warmer, which is a crucial requirement for anyone who dreads taking a dip in a chilly pool.
  • Swimming pools that depend on the sun to heat up should be covered at night. This will make the pool warm enough for the next day rather than losing the heat at night when temperatures typically drop. Click here for Just Covers Sydney.
  • Regardless of the type of pool cover you buy, including solar and vinyl covers, they can all effectively keep pool water warm.

Keeping out Debris

A pool that does not have a cover creates visual images of shedding trees and shrubs, dead insects and pet toys falling or blowing into the pool. Such a situation will require you to spend your days fishing for objects and retrieving them from your pool. A pool cover will enable you to avoid the tedious task of chasing after every random object that ends up in your pool and gives you more time swim and relax.

Less Maintenance

Vacuuming a swimming pool is a chore that most people do not enjoy. Using a pool cover means that you will be vacuum less often for s shorter period of time. It makes it much easier to maintain a pool.


Pool covers are among the things that are worth investing in. As soon as you purchase one for your pool, the returns will be apparent. You will experience significant savings instantly with lower heating bills, using less water and not being compelled to buy a lot of chemicals.

Cutting down Energy Costs

Along with saving money, a pool cover is beneficial for saving energy whether use solar, electricity or gas to heat your pool. Saving energy helps you to save more money.


Swimming pool covers prevent people from falling into water as long as they are installed and attached properly. A strong and stable fiberglass mesh can hold a lot of weight and keep accidents at bay.

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