Passing the certification exam on the first go can seem like a daunting idea. Here are tips to help you successfully pull this off:
Use color-coded tabs

Time is going to be of the essence once the clock starts running during the exam. Since the ITIL certification exam is an open book exam, finding the information or section you need as soon as possible matters. Have a ton of post-its? Put these to good use. Mark pages in your book to make it easy for you to identify specific sections. This will make your life easy come D-day.

Look for study guides

Lifewire says it’s a good idea to use study books to help you prepare for a CISSP exam. That advice works too if you’re studying for an ITIL foundation certificate. Also, don’t limit yourself to just one kind. Find as many reliable ones as you can and use them all. These guides can help you gain as much knowledge as you need to ace all 5 scenarios of the exam.


ITIL Certification Course


Manage your time wisely

Studying for an exam can be tough especially when you have a ton of work waiting for you. If you’ve got a busy schedule, managing your time right is going to go a long way to improving your study habits. By fixing your schedule and setting aside an hour or two a day for studying, you can improve your chances of acing the certification exam in just one take.

Stay motivated

There are going to be good days and bad days. It’s important that you realize that now. However, finding a way to work through both and stay motivated even when you’re tired, sick, overworked or just generally feeling down is the key to your success. Stay focused and keep your eyes on the ball. Once you pass the exam, your efforts will pay off big-time.

Enroll in a course

Look for an ITIL accredited training organization like Koenig. While learning on your own is good for a bit of time, learning through a ITIL Training course takes that experience to a whole new level. It also helps improve your study habits since you get to interact with other test candidates. You could even talk about your experiences, build a support study group and borrow or trade study guides, advice and tips.


If you want to get through the exam on your first try, then you’ll want to take as many practice exams as you want, says SkillSet. This can help you remember pertinent information with ease. With practice questions, you also get a pretty good idea your strong and weak areas. That way, you can improve on those weak areas even further.
Read instructions carefully

There’s nothing like giving the right answers, only to find out that yours were disregarded because you failed to follow the proper instructions. Don’t want that to happen to you? Train yourself to read all the instructions carefully before you proceed.

Take notes

You might also want to take down notes or put together a list of exam essentials for each chapter. This can help you fill in any of the knowledge gaps on your mind. It would also be great if you summarize each chapter to give you an idea of what they’re all about.

Read your answers carefully

There’s a time limit to the exam so you’ll need to learn to answer those questions fast. But read through them carefully. It doesn’t hurt to train yourself to double-check everything once you’re done.

Go through all these steps and tips. Once you do, then you’re ready to take on that exam and win.



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