Netflix is launching its first project with Wanted creator Mark Millar, since acquiring Millarworld, the publishing company he owns and operates with Lucy Millar. The plan is to develop TV, films and even kids’ shows based on Millarworld properties, but the first thing Netflix will release from the team is actually a comic, to be sold both in digital and print formats, called ‘The Magic Order.’

The six-issue series is written by Mark Millar, and includes art by Olivier Coipel, who previously did work for Marvel on Thor, The Avengers and other series. The story centers around a family team of musician heroes who take on an enemy targeting them. It sounds a bit like a Harry Potter but for adults, with the magicians blending in among normal people with boring everyday jobs.

Millar told Variety that there’s “an enormous gap in the market” for a project like this focused on “dark fantasy,” and says he’s also excited to be teaming up with Coipel on the first volume of the project.

Netflix getting into comics is still a very interesting development, though they announced they’d be doing this back when Millarworld was first acquired. Now it’s putting the comics before the TV and movie projects, but perhaps it wants to build a groundswell of interest from fans of the books and then translate that to better streaming media success.

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