Casual cycling is a hobby for many people. While cycling in the neighbourhood late in the evening, you get to unwind after a hectic day. It brings that much needed relaxation while granting you more strength.

However, we all know that cycling isn’t just about unwinding. It is also good for your health. Medical experts recommend occasional cycling, at least twice in a week. It is a simple exercise for the limbs with immense benefits for cardio. Casual cycling also reduces stress levels. It becomes even better if you have a cycling partner you can strike a conversation with as you cut across the quiet neighbourhood very late in the evening.

The right choice of casual cycling bicycle not only guarantees a great experience but also ensures you get the most out of this highly recommended workout. Most people looking for casual cycling machines settle on cruiser bikes, popularly known as beach cruisers. Settling on the best cruiser bike with awesome features ensures a better cycling experience while keeping your health in check. The perfect cruiser bikes are those with an upright frame. They ensure you are in a great position to enjoy a comfortable, casual ride. Even more, you will have very little to worry about back and neck pains during or after the rides.

Initially, these bikes were considered something for the rich. However, these bicycles have become more affordable with time. So what are some of the best cruiser bikes in the market today?

Firmstrong Urban Man Beach Cruiser

It ranks as one of the best cruiser bikes in the market. For men who want to have a memorable casual cycling experience, this bike has what it takes to satisfy your needs. It has some of the most fantastic features available in modern-day bikes. You can be sure to have this bicycle long enough to appreciate its worth and value.

The bicycle is great for commuting or running short errands. It has everything to ensure you travel healthy without stressing yourself. You will definitely want to consider this bicycle before thinking of any other cruise bike model.

Firmstronng Urban Lady Single Speed

Here, women have something great to smile about. The bicycle features great elegance and comes in a variety of colours. You have up to 16 colour designs to choose from. In addition, the bicycle comes in two different wheel sizes. As usual, you also get to select the ultimate model depending on the number of gears that suit you.

The design is just perfect, right from the frame. The steel material ensures the bike lasts long enough for you to enjoy its benefits. The aluminium alloy rims ensure an easy, lightweight cycling experience. The very nature of the bike ensures maximum comfort to users. Ideally, every feature is designed to suit that purpose.

The spring saddle is broad and boasts of a nice padding. You might not be able to feel any potholes if you are riding on a bad road. However, you should not take your cruiser bike on a testing spree. This is not a mountain bike, remember? Interestingly, even men can get the most out of this bicycle in as much as it is tagged a women’s product. The nice broad tires ensure exactly that.

Sixthreezero Women’s 26’’ Beach Cruiser

It has a stunning design to start with. That said, you will feel amazing while enjoying your ride on this bicycle. Just like other cruiser bicycles, this one is designed for maximum comfort. Depending on your preferences, you can get the bicycle in varying colour designs. The 17’’ frame makes it a great choice for most people who want to have a great cruising bike experience.

Worth noting, the bicycle is designed to last. You can cycle it for several years down the city streets. Just be sure to observe proper maintenance. With the right choice of colour design, you will never want to get off this bicycle for another cruiser bike.

Get value for money

Cruisers do not have to get as expensive as everyone else thinks. You can get a simple, comfortable casual cycling bicycle at a price tag that isn’t necessarily hefty. When choosing a cruiser bike, you can opt for something that is lighter, with aluminium alloy wheels probably. This is particularly important if you intend to cycle over a rugged landscape. Remember, the right choice of cruiser bike lets you stand out from the rest while ensuring a perfect, healthy cycling experience.

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