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An Unreal Interview With Farrah Kader


Farrah Kader, in case you don’t already know, is a beautiful Indian Actress & fashion model who is the sexiest goddamn thing since sliced bread… I mean, not that sliced bread is sexy… because it’s not, but it is hella good slathered in peanut butter and jam… what were we talking about? Oh yeah, Farrah Holly. She is sooooooooo damn hot, it kinda hurts. And recently We had the opportunity to ask her for an intimate interview* so we could learn more about her pure awesomeness. Here now is…

1. Tell us about yourself: Why do you want to work as an Actress & model? Why are you interested in this career?

• So there you go; trust me if I weren’t interested
In making a career in acting & modelling your
team wouldn’t have been keen in me or my

2.. Tell us about your education: Have you attended fashion modeling courses? What related courses or studies have you taken?

• Yes! I’ve been taking courses in emotions,
expressions, speech, body language etc for 30
odd years. ‘LIFE’ taught me enough.
Rest, Livewires a media institute in Mumbai did
the airbrushing to the whole picture. I attended
an acting course for a short term period of 4
months with them.

3. What are your goals as a model & Actress? How do you see yourself progress in this field?

• To be seen as a fine actor & a ‘revolutionary
Indian model.’
InshaAllah I’ll achieve both!

4. Do you eat nutritiously? How often do you exercise or go to the gym?

• I eat 3, sometimes 4 hearty home cooked
meals. Those ridiculous diet patterns, snacking,
Interval eatings doesn’t go well with this big
I was practicing gymming like a religion, off late
I started training myself at home. Saving lotta

5. State your availability: would you travel? Work full-time, part time? Any hours?

• One thing that I really, really want to do before i
die is go around the globe.
What follows next in my list is i hope ? i have
no time to breathe. I’ll call myself blessed if my
work takes me places; in life, in career & in
world. Looking forward to the adventure.

6. Tell me about your work.

• Only a few baby steps yet, there’s a long way
to go.
Wish me luck!

7. What is your greatest strength?

• I wear my confidence like couture.

8. What are your greatest accomplishments so far?

• I survived.

9. Are you up for new challenges?

• You bet! I go hunting for ’em in a way.

10. What was your most difficult pose? Why did you need this pose for the shoot?

• Literally rolling on the floor at the moment
thinking about it. The toughest was every pose
of my very first portfolio but that made me
realise how conscious i was of camera.
Guess it was important, it showed me mirror.

11. What is the biggest challenge to maintaining your beautiful figure?

• Firstly thankewwwwwww for calling my body,
The challenge part was to discontinue going to
gym. I was sorta in love with weights & married
to health clubs. both screwed me bigggg
time mentally, monetarily, emotionally,
Physically & made me look biggggggger.

12. Is there anything that makes you angry?

• Untruthful, dishonest people.
They suck!

13. What’s your favourite brand?

• (Incase you asked for band, I’ve changed it to
brand cuz I don’t have one favourite)
Hunkemoller, I’m a lingerie addict ?
#lingerieaddict ??

14. Do you have a favorite TV show?

• None; I don’t watch television, a few on Netflix

15. What gets you started in the morning?

• The hunger to make it & the fire in my ass for

16. Do you have a life motto?

• I wanna live before i pass.

17. Tell us about your very first photoshoot?

• Like I mentioned above ‘total disaster.’
But when i look back today, i see how far i’ve

18. Do you find yourself biting your tongue when people say nasty comments on Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms, or are you able to easily brush them off?

• Instagram allows one to manually filter
Offensive words & comments; hence ass,
pussy, dick, fuck, bitch, slut, rand, randi etc etc
etc are in my enabled keywords filter.
Not really active on twitter, sorta don’t enjoy
restriction of words in expression.

19. We Saw your Pictures on Instagram. They are very Bold So in real Life Are you that much bold or only in pictures?

• If naked is bold, then i was born bold.

20. And finally, what’s your best pick-up line?

• 5 minutes up ..
Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock & I’m still thinking……

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  1. Vishal Punjabi

    November 8, 2017 at 11:40 am

    u r perfect farrah. Lots of love and respect. May allah bless you


    • Arun Kumar

      November 15, 2017 at 12:48 am

      I wonder when every one wants to become artist and stars, who is actually going to do the things that matter.

      I mean the kids of current generation, why are they so obsessed with themselves. I want to live life to the fullest, I want to enjoy every moment of my life, I deserve to be happy, i deserve to have all the happiness in the world. The bubble they live in !!!

      Doctors, engineers, scientiests, they make a difference to society. They contribute.

      I mean another wannabee star in millions of kids with over inflated self worth. What the hell is an Instgrammer?

      Putting up naked pics of you, that is visted by thouds of creeps on the internet, makes you bold? makes you popular? makes you a role model?

      Oh, that must take real courage and hard work.

      Hard work is the daughter of a janitor, acing the IAS. Bold is figting the system fo justice, making sacrifice, making change.

      This, this is just self love. Go on, i have no doubts you will fulfill you every dream and Enjoy your life to the fullest.

      P.S.- Whats this thing with every one wants to be a photographer, like point and pressing a buttin is such a big talent. In 5 years computer bots will replace all of them. Read a book,learn science, learn something that will actually contribute to society, instead of just creating content for creeps on the internet.


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