After what seemed like eons, the iPhone X finally went on sale and was sold out within minutes. Even though the price of the phone cost nearly one lakh rupees, the sale was quick and iPhone X ended up in a waiting list again. The 64GB variant of the iPhone X cost Rs 89,000 and the 256GB variant cost Rs 1,02,000 on Amazon and Flipkart, the two websites that offered the iPhone X on pre-order. There were numerous offers of cashback and exchange, with Flipkart offering a buyback offer of up to Rs 52,000 and Amazon offering a 70 percent buyback guarantee on iPhone X to Reliance Jio users. Twitter boomed with a trending #iPhoneX


The quick sale of the iPhone X captured the imagination of the meme makers. While the jokes on the sale of kidneys were standard, there were new jokes on the hilariously fast sale of the iPhone X. Many other jokes that included funny GIFs and memes over the little fortune that people spent just to get the latest version of the Apple iPhone. However, there were many complaints on the micro-blogging site that users had to wait the entire night to pre-order the iPhone only to find out in the morning that all the pieces were sold out. Apple’s official website is already registering a wait of six weeks for the new phone.

One of the most common tweets about the sale was that people were shocked at how casually people were spending almost a month’s rent just to buy a phone.

There was also another meme which showed a homeless man.

Another user reacted on the pricing of other accessories for the iPhone.

There were many who celebrated their pre-order being successful on the launch day. They celebrated it with GIFs.

There were many other memes that went viral on the internet with their beginnings being from the imaginative minds of the Twitterati.

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