O visa an alternative for H-1B visa?


Applicants for the H-1B visa are being advised to apply for an O visa instead. H-1B visa has always been the go-to choice for Indian software workers who applied for a job in the United States. The O visa program, on the other hand, is for people who have extraordinary abilities or a demonstrated record of an extraordinary achievement. A senator in the United States made a disclosure of the above information. The O visa has no numeric cap, unlike most visa categories.

Senator Chuck Grassley, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has noted that the number of O visas issued by the United States of America has tripled in the last decade. Although the O visa program is not a substitute for the H-1B visa program, many people have resorted to doing so. Senator Grassley says that an attempt to flout the extraordinary requirements of the O visa would constitute as visa fraud.

He also gave out a statement that he has raised his concerns to Secretary Kelly so that he can prevent the potential abuse and maintain the integrity of both visa programs. He also said in the letter that recent news articles have suggested the use of O visa to get around Donald Trump’s H-1B order.

The letter was released to the press and it also showed Grassley saying that the O visa petition could cause workers from other countries to indulge in visa fraud by asserting certain qualifications that they do not possess just to bypass the legal restrictions on other employment visas.

O visa is generally granted to foreign workers who excel and have an extraordinary ability in areas like the sciences, arts, education, business, athletics, or motion pictures and television productions. While finding such abilities is rare, Grassley said that the issuances of O visa have tripled over the past decade, with about 30,000 issued in 2006 and over 100,000 issued in 2016.


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