Ivanka holds seat for Trump; Critics agree and disagree

During the G-20 summit at Hamburg, President Donald Trump walked out of a working session and his daughter, Ivanka Trump briefly took his seat at the session table between Chinese President Xi Ping and British Prime Minister Theresa May. The moment was captured by Russian Sherpa, Svetlana Lukash and posted on Twitter. The tweet was deleted but not before Ivanka became the news yet again.

President Donald Trump defended his daughter and special advisor by tweeting that he had asked Ivanka to hold his seat, claiming it was very usual and that German Chancellor Angela Merkel agrees to it. He also added a follow-up tweet that had the case been the same but with Chelsea Clinton holding the seat for her mother while Hillary gave the country away, the Fake news would have hailed Chelsea for President.

Chelsea Clinton quickly responded via Twitter that her parents would never have asked her to hold their seat and also asked Trump if he was giving the country away. All this fiasco was quickly picked up by people on the internet and everyone had their own opinions about the situation, some agreeing with Trump that it was usual while others criticizing Ivanka.

US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, defended Ivanka saying that Ivanka had sat in with the President on various occasions in meetings that involved policies including women and other businesses. Economic advisor to Barack Obama, Lawrence Summers, disagrees, saying that it was rare for a President to leave a meeting during major summits and even if he does, foreign ministers or very senior government officials must fill in for the Head of the State.

Ivanka serves as a special advisor to the President and was part of the US delegations to the summit. She took up the job voluntarily with no pay and is in an official capacity a member of the White House apart from being the First Daughter.


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