From Google to samosas: A success story

Every software engineer dreams of landing a job at Google. Google not only provides a financially stable career but also adds well to the résumé. Engineers are known to be all-rounders, be it acting, music or art, they know all about it. While many would work hard and long to land a job at companies like Google, there are still dreams that they have outside of working for a prestigious enterprise.

Very few people have the courage to leave a well-paying, secure job and chase after their dreams. Many would argue that passion is overrated but to the person who struggles every day with his life, working to the same routine, passion is the only candle that keeps his hopes alive.

Munaf Kapadia is among those who followed their passion instead of the advice of the people around him. He quit his job at Google and started his own venture to sell samosas. The chase for a better future in a dream that was his own and his hard work and passion brought laurels to him, with his company having a turnover of Rs 50 lakh. Munaf Kapadia is the proud owner of The Bohri Kitchen in Mumbai and has plans of expansion already.

After getting his MBA a few years ago, Munaf worked in India and after a couple of years, left the country to work for Google. A few years working for Google was all he needed before he wished to explore other opportunities. He quit his job and returned to India, starting up his venture, The Bohri Kitchen. With a few tips from his mother Nafisa, he invited some people over for sampling and soon, Munaf and The Bohri Kitchen became quite famous in Mumbai. Today, there is a demand for samosas and various other dishes like Nargis Kebab and DabbaGosht among famous celebrities and five-star hotels.

It has only been a year since the opening of The Bohri Kitchen and it has had a turnover of Rs 50 lakh. Munaf is planning to expand and increase the yearly turnover to nearly ten times the current value in a few years. He has been featured in the Forbes Under 30 list. Despite all his hard work, he takes no credit for all the success, insisting that it was all possible because of his mother.

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