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Fully Driverless Cars Could Be a Reality by 2018


Umpteen number of times, we have heard about the cars from the next generation that will be fully autonomous, driverless. We are still far away from having the cars with the highest level of autonomy i.e. no human assistance at all. All we are scheduled to have on the road in near future are the cars that might come with inferior autonomy structures, needing a certain level of human assistance like voice command or manual navigation feeds.

From a long time, Google had been concentrating on forming an autonomous car until Waymo, an autonomous car development firm, formed out of the global technological leader and took the lead in the segment. But here is something that almost everyone who follows automotive technology will love. France could be the first country to get fully autonomous cars plying on the roads, that too as early as 2018.

A reliable source of media in France had reported that some companies like Transdev and Delphi, two of the well-known names from the technological development sector, will be collaborating together to form driverless (read fully autonomous) cars. As of now, these cars, as planned, will be dedicated to the service of a fleet of taxis and other passenger shuttle services.


Delphi is a major technological company hailing from the United Kingdom. The company is already developing the complex driverless system together with Mobileye, an Israel-based company. It is also in partnership with the US international tech giant, Dell.

The UK-based company is delighted to be a part of something great. This development will help the commercial section of the automobile world to take a giant leap and pave the way to things bigger in the future if there would be any.

The penetration of Transdev in the field of automotive is undeniable. It has its presence in 19 countries from across the world, which includes the United States as well. 30 per cent of Transdev is owned by Veolia, which, in turn, is a multinational conglomerate which provides technical support to services related to energy and waste management.

The future is here

Mobility is life. There can be nothing dearer to us than a shuttle or a cab at a time when we are running late to reach our destination. The association of these two companies will be offering just that. During the testing phase of this fleet of commercial shuttle vans, the vehicles will ply to and fro from a train station and the University of Paris Saclay. This test phase will be targeted to get the people to the public transport junctures on time. It will help people get to the nearest public transport like a station of a bus stop.

This service will start as early as 2018. This, indeed, is an aggressive timeline. This means, next year itself, we will get to see the first fully autonomous vehicles that will have human passengers on board, who will be giving instructions to the system. Also, Delphi and Transdev will be using Zoe, an electric mini car model made by Renault.

After the successful completion of this spree of testing, this partnership will eventually spread to the entire boundaries of France at the earliest by 2019. Moreover, Transdev and Delphi may even consider getting this joint collaborative innovation to the US, which already has a giant automobile expert, Ford, driving and testing its autonomous technology in the states of California, Michigan and Arizona. But this development is almost half a decade away from getting a taste of reality.

If you thought that you will have to wait until 2020 or 2021 to get on board of a self-driven vehicle, there is a good news for you. You won’t have to wait that long. Who knows, the fist step by Delphi and Transdev could just be an instigation, a catalyst of a kind, to hasten their process and give the world what it wants.

Source: Autoportal

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