The Pokémon Go is finally arriving in India as Niantic joined hands with Reliance Jio Communications to launch the game in India. With all the players of the game in India eagerly waiting for the game to be released in India it came in as welcome news. The launch is scheduled to be held today after which the users of smartphones can download the game.

Pokemon Go
Pokemon is coming to India soon

The Pokémon is one of the most popular shows that grabbed the attention of the people across the world in the 80s and 90s. Even in the beginning of the 21st century the show never failed to grab the eyeballs. And with the game Pokémon Go being introduced, it has become all the more popular. Since the launch of the game in the month of July this month there have been more than 500 million downloads of the game. And the number is bound to rise with the release of the game in India looming large. And before we get the game in our smartphones let’s take a look at what the game is all about.

How to Play Pokémon Go

The game Pokémon Go is one of the simplest of the games that are available. The gamers have to follow few simple steps to kick-start the game. The game takes into account the geographical location of the player and the player ahs to go around in quest of catching new Pokémon. Once a Pokémon comes in front of the player the smartphone device vibrates to notify the user who then can get hold of the creature by throwing a Pokeball. The Pokémon then gets added to the Pokedex of the gamer which keeps an account of all the Pokémon that the user has managed to grab.

Also, the user must be adept at throwing the Pokeballs because a failure to hit the head of the Pokémon will result in the player losing that Pokeball. Once the player runs out of the Pokeball, he needs to visit the Pokestops in order to get hold of more Pokeballs. It is advisable that the game should be played at a place where the GPS works well alongside good data connection as the report from Indian Express suggests.

A player can start the game by signing into the game through the Gmail account. The user also gets an opportunity to customise the character as well.

The Pokemon Go Game Menu

The most important part of the Pokémon GO game menu is the Pokedex which is basically the database of all the Pokémon that the user has managed to collect. It comes when one clicks on the Pokeball icon on the right of the screen. Also, it provides the list of equipment that the user possesses. The list of things includes the potion which is used to heal up Pokémon, revive used to revive the Pokémon which have fainted, incense which lures the Pokémon which are present around the user. Also, it lets the user know how many Pokeballs the user has in the disposal.

Also, there are the ‘Eggs’ which hatch once the player walks a stipulated distance after having put the Eggs under incubation. The Eggs are three kinds which hatch after the player has covered 2 Km, 5 Km and 10 Km of distance walking. The 10 Km Pokémon are the rarest ones while the 5 Km Pokémon and 2 Km Pokémon are also of good qualities.

PokeStop and Pokemon Gyms

The Pokestops are the place where the player can get hold of the Pokeballs, potions, Razz Berry, Revive, Eggs, Lucky Eggs, incense, Great and Ultra Balls other than the Incubators. The Pokestops are found in the nearest landmarks. In India, the Pokestops will be available at the Reliance Digital Stores as one of the earlier news has reported.

More Pokémon means that the player manages to get ahead and reach higher levels in the game. Once a player reaches the level 5, the person will be able to get access to the Pokemon Gyms where they can train the Pokemon and engage in a fight in order to get hold of that Gym. Also, the user will be able to choose between three teams – Instinct which is the Yellow team, Team Mystic which is the Team Blue and the Red Team Valor.


This is in a nutshell what the game Pokémon Go is all about and what the Indians have been missing since the access to the game for the Indians have been prevented. But with the initiative taken by Reliance Jio the Indians are going to finally get the game very soon.

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