Southbound films are generally about hard-headed sequences, over-the-top dialogues, family drama, dance numbers, gyrating songs, etc. but with a course of time filmmakers and production, houses are turning towards brilliant films with no such prerequisite elements that tend to make the film look utterly outrageous. Be it Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam or in other regions like Bengali, Odiya, Bhojpuri, etc. they have started working on script thus giving us good movies to cherish. Likewise, the respective Kannada language film Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi is one of those regional films which render upon different script or storyline with less star cast and brilliantly directed movie the rest of the details have been mentioned below.

Poster release or First Look of Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi featuring Prithvi and Malavika

Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi Movie Cast & Crew

  • Prithvi Nandan as Munna
  • Prakash Raj as
  • Malavika Mohanan as Varalakshmi
  • Madhoo Shah
  • Charandeep
  • Rangayana Raghu
  • Achyuth Kumar
  • Sadhu Kokila
  • Ashok Sharma
  • Director/Writer: Pritham Gubbi
  • Producer: Manjunath and Jayanna Bhogendra
  • Editor: Deepu S Kumar
  • Cinematography: Preetha Jayaraman
  • Music Score/Background Score: V. Harikrishna
  • Choreography: Murali
  • Banner: Jayanna Combines
  • Distributors: Kollur Mookambika Creations

Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi Story/Plotline

India’s first Motocross Racing film tells a tale of a small time biker Munna who dreams big to win the competition held in India with lots of foreign competitors trying to put him down. The meeting with a senior biker he learns A to Z of bike racing thus finally appearing in the competition. The craziness begins when his lady love Varalakshmi convinces him regarding the motocross racing and thus starts the event simply due to the love of racing. Entitled as Varalakshmi and Me i.e. Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi, it also revolves around, high-drama politics attached to such events and moreover personal life struggle in both the actors’ lives.

Watch the Official Teaser/Trailer of Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi Here

Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi Movie Review

Turning out to be extremely well, the Kannada movie is riding high with all the praises settling down in the kitty. Based on motocross racing which is actually the first-ever film made in India, audiences are going heads-over-heels after watching Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi. It shows how bike racing can be turned out to be in a fantabulous frame of 75 mm. Right from the performance of the actors, to action sequences to dance-drama-songs almost everything turns out to be simply perfect.

The acting done by the lead as well as supporting cast is mind boggling. Prithvi justifies his role cent-percent thus not giving a second though as a debutante. Prakash is as always brilliant wherein Malavika with her debut Kannada venture looks beautiful and delivers tremendous performance. Rest cast including Madhoo is good to see on 75 mm screen after so many years and of course, a delight to watch all the actors in one big frame.

The direction is simply class apart with Gubbi giving us a chance to watch a motocross racing film along with including all the interesting elements a film tend to possess. Having great assistants by his side, he positively delivered a perfect blend of emotions, thrills-chills, drama, action overpowered by dialogues, groovy songs, etc.

Music composition along with the background score is perfect to the pot as it supports the entire story development throughout the film. The 2 hours 16 minutes film has superb music line with each scene attached to another with a relatable score. There are 5 to 6 songs in the entire film of which one romantic number bounds you to skip a beat with groovy numbers too attached to it.

The second half of the film is mostly supported by cinematography which is superb. The work of VFX has been done perfectly with all the sequences of bike racing looking real along with the action sequences brilliantly directed.

Listen to all the Songs of Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi through Jukebox Here

Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi Bouquet Factor or Brickbat Factor

Carrying almost all the elements an entertainment film tends to possess, Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi definitely outsources Bouquet Factor as its acting, music, editing; the direction is a mix of classy cocktail which is served seldom but during a special occasion. This time being the year end, Kannada film industry now has a purpose to gyrate all night after projecting a blockbuster.

Audience Reaction of Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi

Maximum of them is giving 4 to 4.5-star rating out of 5, audiences are going gaga over Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi. Multiplexes are almost pre-booked with the single screen going house full. In fact, people are watching it twice as they loved the concept of motocross racing and an unbelievable performance by Prithvi which does not seem to be a newcomer. A load of reactions are to be seen on BookMyShow with people going crazy over lead actor and direction.

Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi Opening Day Total Box Office Collection

Released in as many as 800 screens all over Karnataka belt6, the movie has been confined to India only rather than releasing worldwide. Tickets are being sold at a supersonic speed with price ranging from Rs. 80 to Rs. 400 as not only young ones but middle-aged audiences are also getting attracted towards the film. In most of the multiplexes, 93% of the audience are from schools and colleges who have started their winter break with this film. Almost 97% of the total screens are engaged thus giving a positive sign regarding the movie collection on the 1st day. So, Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi opening day total box office collection has settled to Rs. 25 lakhs.

Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi Final Verdict

One of the most highly appreciated film until half day of its release, the Kannada language film is being praised equally by critics panel subsequently audiences going crazy and actually watching it twice and thrice. All praise and thanks to the filmmaker Gubbi who made an attempt to take motocross racing up to 75 mm screen with all the renditions working in positive symphony. Highly recommended by few of filmy punditz, our team too, gives the final verdict for Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi as a MUST WATCH.

Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi Movie Rating
Acting 9.5
Direction 9.7
Cinematography 9.2
Music/Background Score 8.9
Dialogues 9
Stunts 9.1
Editing 8.7
Choreography 9
Naanu Mathu Varalakshmi is one of the most cherished, energetic films where 90% of youth are gyrating over Motorcross racing plot.
User Rating : 4.7 (1 votes)
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