The upcoming Kannada language film Kirik Party has been grasping attention with lots of appreciation since the release of its first look. Based on the life of college student who shares a great rapport with each other and stays together in every kith and kin. Studying in an engineering college, the story involves all the fun and frolics occur during college day rendering upon intense emotional journey also. The love-hate relationship among a group of friends along with relation to seniors, juniors, peers, almost everyone, can be seen in the upcoming Kannada film Kirik Party.

Poster or First Look of Kirik Party

Kirik Party Cast & Crew

  • Rakshit Shetty as Karna P
  • Rashmika Mandanna as Saanvi Joseph
  • Samyuktha Hegde as Aarya T
  • Aravind Iyer as Lokesh Kumar
  • Dhananjay Ranjan
  • Chandan Achar as Alexander
  • Ashwin Rao Pallaki as Ravi
  • Pramod Shetty as Jnanesh
  • Shankar Murthy as Sankoch Murthy
  • Achyuth Kumar
  • Raaghu Raamanakoppa
  • Hanumanthe Gowda
  • Salman Ahamed
  • Raghu Pandeshwar
  • Arohitha Gowda
  • Director: Rishabh Shetty
  • Producer: Rakshit Shetty and G S Guptha
  • Writer: The Seven Odds and Rakshit Shetty
  • Dialogues: Abhijith Mahesh and Dhananjay Ranjan
  • Cinematography: Karam Chawla
  • Editor: Sachin
  • Music/Background Score: B. Ajaneesh Loknath
  • Banner: Paramvah Studios

Kirik Party Plot/Storyline

It is the story of a gang of mischievous students, led by the protagonist Karna (Rakshit Shetty), who have just joined an engineering college. They belong to different streams of engineering but develop a strong bond while staying together in the hostel. Belonging to a small village, Karna comes across novel norms of a city lifestyle along with confronting all type of situation (mainly in trouble) with his group of friends who work hard to fuel a lot of mischief in and around the college. During the first year, he befriends Saanvi (Rashmika Mandanna) a Final year student leading to various incidents, which impacts Karna’s life making him question his very basic thought process. So, the progression of Karna and his mates from being a bunch of mischief makers to responsible Men is the core of Kirik Party.

Watch the Official Trailer of Kirik Party Here

Kirik Party Movie Review

Opened with lots of expectations, Kirik Party garnered appreciation during its trailer launch and first look release, itself. Revolving around, fun, frolic, mischiefs, emotions, rage, etc. the Kannada film has been welcomed by million of audiences with open arms. Unlike its counterparts where most of the Kannada films are based on high-end drama, over-the-top dialogues, action sequences, this particular film is rather a light-hearted emotional development where laughing and crying will go simultaneously. Remembering your own college days will be another pinch point while watching the film, so spend the year end in Kirik (messed up madness) way.

Kirik Party Bouquet Factor or Brickbat Factor

Revolving around a collegiate life of a Boy, the film deals with all the factor that dominates the factor of studying in an Engineering College. The performance delivered by the actors, even the supporting ones, along with music score, songs, dialogues, comic timings, emotional development and so on certainly make it a Bouquet Factor. It has some negative but minimal ones or say worth ignoring.

Listen all the amazing melodious songs of Kirik Party in the Jukebox given here

Audience Reaction to Kirik Party

The respective movie is being liked many as it already has accepted 96% of likes based on 7,000 votes with an approval of 3,900 reviews. Audiences have shown a keen interest in the movie thus pouring in oodles of comments on the section where mostly wish to watch it as they cent percent love the trailer. The entire theory has been approved by critics too as the songs of the film are already chartbusters in the radio stations. Kirik Party is all set to go house full on its very first day.

Kirik Party Opening Day Total Box Office Collection

Produced under a budget of 4.75 crores INR, Kirik Party has been released in as many as 350 screens all over Karnataka. The ticket price range from Rs. 30 to Rs. 450 in various cities where most of the gentry belongs to the younger generation. Although certified as ‘Universal’, Kirik Party is a family movie, but there are major possibilities that students will show more interest. Kirik Party opening day collection may take a toll with time due to its superb storyline. Already released in PVR Cinemas, Orion Mall, Bengaluru, there are mere 3 shows left for today. Else it will release tomorrow with its first show starting from 6:15 a.m. in cineplexes. However, despite having its principal photography in Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, Karnataka, the movie has not released there rather has taken over Mysore, Shivamogga, Hubli, etc. So, with so many screens occupying at such rate, Kirik Party 1st day collection for then box office has settled to Rs. 64 lakhs.

Final Verdict for Kirik Party

Just a  few word for Kirik Party which is Don’t Miss It, PLEASE. The light-hearted film will enlighten your mood thus feeling revived and bringing back an ocean of memories of your own college days, which is, I believe, certainly unforgettable. The romantic, enchanting, rejuvenating film will free your spirits with all the superb melodious songs and not to forget the laughing-crying plot. Go and watch it in theatres near you.




Kirik Party Movie Rating
Acting 8.5
Direction 8.8
Story 9.2
Dialogues 9
Music/Background Score 9.4
Cinematography/DOP 9
Editing 8.3
Choreography 7.7
Kirik Party is a perfect blend of music, funny dialogues, comic timings, romance, emotional foot fronts and of course relationships.
User Rating : 0 (0 votes)
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