Fairy Tail Chapter 516: The highly appreciated and much talked about Japanese Manga Fairy Tail is moving ahead at a great pace with all the speculations and anticipations developing in and around the series. The long-running manga series will most likely to delve into one of its characters’ mysterious past, and this could be none other than Irene as she tries to take over the body of Erza only when she comes to know the truth of her real Father. Fairy Tail Chapter 516 may even involve more interesting facts related to their past relation.


As per the previous chapter of Fairy Tail, it finally got revealed that Erza Scarlet’s real Father is a human so how is it even possible that she survived in her Mother’s womb for 100 long years? Fairies generally give birth to a child within the time span of a millennium. We had earlier stated that Irene made a startling announcement of herself being the Queen of the Dragons leaving Wendy in a dilemma as Erza’ looks were quite similar to Irene thus stating as Igneel being her Father.

Now, the question remains- who is Erza’s real human Father, Igneel or Acnologia? This may finally be revealed in Fairy Tail Chapter 516. Moreover, Irene got humiliated and tortured by her Husband when she carried Erza in her womb which resulted in shifting to a neighbouring village where Erza was raised by Master Makarov. But as she gets caught and imprisoned by the General (mainly Erza’s Father), dragonification happens to turn Irene into a giant Dragon eventually killing the General, his army and other jail mates.

Followed by a series of startling incidents, the previous chapter ends thus leaving ample space for Fairy Tail Chapter 516 so that many more revelations might occur. The next chapter might involve Irene being more arrogant with her loyalty towards Emperor Zeref. Leading a life of a Human after disposing of her Dragon skin in the mountain regions, she is simply not able to get rid of the curse even after 100 years, thus turning back into a Dragon when she fights with Erza. Zeref helping her to come out of the curse is just temporary as Irene is just human from the outside with no natural substances inside her.

The upcoming chapter titled as “The Truth of Enchantment” might reveal the real nature of the enchantments employed during Erza’s babyhood when Irene was cast out during her pregnancy. The fight between Irene and Erza continues with the probability of enchantment’s true nature revealed on Erza.


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