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Amazon to Make Inroads to Middle-East, Reported to Spend $1 Billion


Amazon has become one of the leading electronic commerce brands since the days of its first inception way back in 1994. Since then Amazon has made a huge progress and is now a leading e-commerce in almost all the continents. And the latest news has reported that Amazon is going to spend $1 billion in order to make its way into the Middle-East.

Amazon is rumoured to spend $1 Billion to make its way into the Middle East

Amazon first came into being in the year 1994 when a young founder Jeff Bezos had the sole aim of making people prone towards the online shopping. In the beginning, Amazon only sold books but with the passage of time it has started selling more things which are important in the everyday use of the common people. It has already made a good market in the countries from different parts of the world. But one region has remained unconquered for Mazon. And that’s Middle-East.

The latest reports have come in that Amazon is going to take the initiative regarding making inroads in that part of the world, and for that, they will be investing a hefty amount of $1 Billion. Rumours have suggested that Amazon is going to make an investment to buy Souq.com which has been regarded as one of the leading brands of e-commerce in the Middle-East. The Middle-East countries which Souq.com covers include big names like Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). So it could well turn out to be one of the big moves by Amazon.

However, nothing has been mentioned officially from either of the companies regarding the latest developments which have made it unclear whether the suspected deal is going to be realised or not. But if the news comes up in the August financial publication like Bloomberg, then the rumours might just not remain to be just rumours. That could well turn out to be one of the stepping stones of Amazon making its path towards the Middle-East.

But if that happens, in reality, there will be a list of major drawbacks which Amazon might have to address. The first and foremost is the logistics. It will be one of the most challenging sectors which Amazon might have to look in for there are regions in the concerned countries where Souq.com serves where delivery might get a bit tricky. Also, the payment procedure needs to be addressed a bit for not everyone in that zone is an expert in using credit cards and such things. The prevalent prepaid card system might be one of the solutions, but it remains to be seen how Amazon manages to deal with it if the deal goes on to happen.

At the moment everything is in a nascent state. In future, official statements from either side might turn out to be crucial regarding the fact that whether Amazon is going through with the $1 Billion deal to find a foothold in the Middle-East countries or not.

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