The Fairy Captivity Chapter 85: Latest Updates & Revelations


The much spoken and speculated manga The Fairy Captivity got circulated today i.e. on November 14, 2016, in its native as well as neighbouring countries. An all time hit in its national platform, the following manga is equally popular in the side-by-side nations due to its superb imaginative contents. The Fairy Captivity Chapter 85 will definitely include more interesting twists subsequently evolving the central characters in various forms. So, let’s take a look at the latest chapters of the manga.

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Ultimately based on a dystopian fantasy or say speculative science fiction in which the futuristic universe is ruled by other creatures. The human beings are taken over by fairies of which one central character Yue Hu (a young native master) encounters the fairy Fei Liai. As he tries to uncover the truth eventually going deep down inside the other universe, the actual truth and dark secrets are revealed. The latest manga The Fairy Captivity Chapter 85 will have the central character, Yue Hu playing hostage to another envoy members where he is being treated in a perturbed manner.

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