With every single movie Akshay is improving and with Rustom, he has given one of his best performances yet. Rustom is not a typical courtroom drama. With all the ingredients perfectly blended; love, loyalty, anger, and murder all come under the roof of curious questions. The “three shots that shock the nation” will give you goosebumps in the theater. A perfect subtle action with the perfect intensity, Rustom is one of the ‘mature’ hits of 2016. Just one movie old Tinu Suresh Desai (the other movie is 1920: London) has never made us feel his inexperience behind the camera. His powerful direction proves he is the next dark horse of the rat race industry.


Rustom Plot:

Based on the real event of the infamous murder case of the Naval Commander K. M. Nanavati, the world has witnessed a watertight plot and screenplay. A case that made Nanavati murdering his wife’s boyfriend comes with many twists to make the man a hero and not a murderer. The complications of love and relation have well depicted in Rustom.

The Review of Rustom

Top Notch Performance by Akshay Kumar that has been the highlight of the entire movie. Then comes the plot. It was so well woven that it will always make you wonder the next thing to come and enjoy the million-dollar performance by all. Ileana looked too classy and for the very first time, Bollywood witnessed her acting ability. Esha Gupta burned the screen with her powerful role, glossy look and the panache of the character. Arjan Bajwa is also perfect in his role.

The period romantic drama Rustom is surely going to bag many awards and appreciation, and it will not be surprised if Akshay Kumar is chosen for the prestigious National award. The songs of the movie are already winning the hearts. The real incident made Nanavati a hero of the nation and the movie made Akshay get out of his shells of typical comedy and light movie. Though he has started to do quality movies quite sometimes ago and Rustom ranks the list.

The Rating of Rustom

Rustom is a must watch of 2016. Whether you are an Akshay Kumar fan or not go and watch it. The movie is for everyone and missing it will be a great mistake. We gave the movie a 4.5 out of 5.

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