Lately, Universal has been on a mission signing up Hollywood biggies to add to their monsters universe- Johnny Depp has already signed on to play the Invisible Man for the latest reboot of H.G. Wells’s well-known horror story, Tom Cruise had been signed earlier for a remake of The Mummy, slated for a 2017 release, and rumours have it that Angelina Jolie is the name in mind to play the Bride of Frankenstein in yet another remake.

According to latest reports, Javier Bardem who has starred in acclaimed films like the adaptation of Cormac Mccarthy’s No Country For Old Men and the Bond film Skyfall has been signed on to play the role of Victor Frankenstein’s Monster in Universal’s soon-to-be-launched classic monster movie series.


The project is part of studio Universal’s ambitious plan to revamp a host of classic monster movies to bring them back to the big screen. For this purpose, Universal has brought in Alex Kurtzman (of Star Trek fame) and Chris morgan (producer of The Fast and the Furious films since the sixth instalment), to help develop a shared cinematic monster universe incorporating rebooted versions of the original creature classics. The Mummy is to be the first instalment in the series, starring Sofia Boutella and Russell Crowe along with Cruise, with The Invisible Man slated to follow in 2018.

As for Bardem, it has not yet been revealed which film his new character is to be introduced in. It is possible that the horror legends will be brought together in a film in a bid for something big in the style of Marvel. But Frankenstein’s Monster is not allowed to be a hero in Mary Shelley’s classic novel  and has popularly been portrayed as a repulsive, albeit tragic figure with no hopes of redemption in most films. But one look at the 2003 film The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen can show us why the idea of bringing a host of potential villains together to fight a bigger danger would be appealing.

With some of Hollywood’s biggest and most talented actors coming on board Universal’s monster projects, we look forward to having a blast in the coming years.

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