Wall Street Journal recently reported that the upcoming Apple iPhone 7 is going to have 32GB storage in the base version. Looks like the company is set to win hearts with the next iPhone. Users have for long complained that the current 16GB storage is too less for a phone that captures 4K video. According to reports, Apple will continue making the 64GB and 128GB versions of iPhone.

Apple iPhone 7

Apple is expected to release iPhone 7 in September this year. There are a number of rumors regarding the highlights and specs of the much awaited upcoming phone. It is thought to be water-resistant, slimmer and devoid of a headphone jack. The iPhone 7 will supposedly come with bigger and upgraded camera module while the iPhone 7 Plus is thought to feature an upgraded dual-rear shooter.

Like we already said the new phone will not have the 3.5mm headphone which leads us to speculate that the handset will be thinner. It’s not a surprise really. Apple has always been very innovative and one step ahead of most smartphone manufacturers. And it’s pretty good at killing obsolete accessories. This time, it’s killing the headphone jack. This is something that was in user’s wishlist for a long long time so it’s interesting to see Apple finally implementing it. The latest WSJ report claims, that users of iPhone 7 will be able to listen to music via Bluetooth or with a 3.5mm converter for the Apple Lightening charging port.

Interestingly, there’s another speculation doing the rounds where iPhone 7 doesn’t have any radical changes. The iPhone 8 is likely to feature a glass body, OLED display, etc. Which is why in a previous post we speculated if it was better to wait for iPhone 8 instead of buying the iPhone 7 coming September. It’s worth noting that if rumours are to be believed then the iPhone 8 will  come out in 2017 which will mark the 10 year anniversary of the device. The original iPhone was launched in 2007.

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