Latest rumours state that the second generation Apple Watch will feature a thinner build owing to the company’s decision to implement the One Glass Solution technology instead of going with the regular Glass on Glass technology. The new design may result in a thinner and lighter device, and some hope that the extra space will allow Apple to include a bigger, stronger battery.


The traditional Glass on Glass technology for touch panels uses two sheets of glass placed together, between which all the components are placed. By using the One Glass Solution technology (OGS) which uses an embedded touch panel, Apple will be eliminating one of the two sheets, thereby avoiding the weight and thickness issues and creating a little bit of extra internal space, which may be utilised to house a better battery.

Users of the previous generation Apple Watch have complained about poor battery performance of the device. Wearers have had to turn off displays when not in use in order to save battery, making it very inconvenient to check information at a go.

According to one report, Apple might be using one of the new glasses that their supplier, TPK Holdings currently has. However, the report also adds that production of the OGS panels for Apple Watch 2 has met with some technical issues. It did not clarify whether this will affect overall production of the device.

The Apple Watch 2 is not expected to look spectacularly different from the previous generation model, with most of the changes supposed to result in software upgradations and working mechanisms. Along with providing an improved battery life, the new device may also provide better connectivity options and a better processor.

The new wearable is also rumoured to come loaded with a GPS chip for the convenience of runners. It would enable them to track their activity without the need to have their iPhones with them.

While Apple CEO Tim Cook has promised that new generations of the Apple Watch will be so amazing that users would not be able without them, he has not hinted at a possible release date. Speculations suggest that the new device may either see a launch alongside the much-awaited iPhone 7, or we can see it later this year. However, we are not entirely sure if we will see it in 2016.

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