Karnataka state government has put a ban on e-cigarettes. The government has taken the decision to stop selling e-cigarettes after Cancer prevention committee had given a report against these cigarettes.

If you are reading this, like us you may be curious why the state administration of Karnataka put a ban notice on e-cigarettes. According to a survey conducted by the government agency, it is found that instead of getting out of the addiction of nicotine, youngsters are being addicted to these alternatives of cigarettes.

Before getting into the deeper discussion, we want to inform you how an e-cigarette works. According to the laws, only 2 mg to 4 mg nicotine is allowed in chewable like nicotine gum, and that’s only for de-addiction purposes. However, these e-cigarettes usage is leading to addiction.

E-cigarettes got banned in Karnataka

Do you know the contains of an e-cigarette??….No???

E-cigarettes have the same size and shape of cigarettes that we used to smoke daily, and every e-cigarette contains a cartridge which has liquid. This special liquid includes nicotine (sometimes it go up to 36 mg/ML) among some other chemicals (Generally propylene glycol or glycerol).

There are some prohibitions according to the laws in India. Use of nicotine in food products and consumption the same by the public is banned under Indian Food Safety and Standard Act 2006 and Food Safety and Standards (Prohibition and Restriction on Sales) Regulation 2011.

What the circular by Karnataka State Government Stated-

The state government hereby prohibits the sale (including online sale), manufacture, distribution, trade, import and advertisement of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, its parts and components in any shape or size of cartridges containing nicotine in the interest of public

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