While in Kerala BJP created history by opening up the first ever account with one seat at the State Legislative Assembly, in the other part of India, that is Assam, it even enhanced the same by taking over the whole state with a clear majority of 86 seats. Remarkably BJP has been creating its place in all the states of India. After the big win, the new ruling party has already announced to seal the border with Bangladesh in order to strictly check the infiltration.

The BJP leader Amit Shah said that the party BJP is a cadre based party and they are not looking for any short term goals. Their first job is to target the Lok Sabha election in the year 2019. Just like they uprooted Congress from the Assam State Legislative Assembly with a large number of seats, they are making the Lok Sabha elections bull’s eye.


Their first work as the state government ruling party would be to seal the Indo-Bangladesh border passing through the state of Assam. “As soon as the border is sealed permanently, the infiltration trend will stop automatically. Plus we will create awareness among the people to prevent infiltration”, said Rajnath Singh. He on the visit to the Karimganj district Indo-Bangladesh border, said that the barbed wire will be fenced by the end of this year. He said that when the population counting of the state of Assam is complete by the National Register of Citizens, it will be clear that who are the citizens of Assam and who are the infiltrates.

rajnath singh

After the fencing is done, Rajnath Singh said that just like Wagha Border in Punjab, the border of Assam will  also have similar ceremonies. “Also acceptance by the people here of Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s development model of directly linking Centre’s development programs with the states,” he said.

The BJP government would take over the state May 28 onwards. The state will definitely go through a huge change for sure. Now it is time to look forward to those changes.

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