Back in September 2014, the new Sims 4 was launched with new social features like a streamlined build mode, emotionally driven activities and a lot of other cool stuffs. Before the release, the developers have released expansion packs, stuff packs, patches, game packs and DLCs. And now, as fans eagerly awaits the launch of the next installment, a new rumour have hit the internet that the release date of Sims 5 is probably 2019.

Sims 5

Producer, Grant Rodiek, recent said in a forum that the possibility of releasing the Sims 5 any time soon is pretty impossible. He also assured fans that unlike the rumours presently he is not working on any sequel. Further more the possibility of this sequel depends entirely on the success of the the last instalment. In case the Sims 4 isn’t loved and appreciated as expected the franchise will be ended, Rodiek said.

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There was this one user who accused Rodiek of playing marketing game while secretly woking on the next instalment, he replied saying, “For one, we just recently launched this new forum. Secondly, before the game launched I wasn’t able to discuss everything as openly as I’m able to do now.” He further added that, “At this point, EA and Maxis are working on new expansion packs and they want to add micro transactions, but it’s not sure if these changes will keep the franchise alive. Grant has assured the players that he will be supporting the community and encouraged them to send feedback and inform him about bugs they find in the game. He also said that “we’re trying to sell copies and that’s how we keep our job. But, I’m not here dropping sales links and such. Hopefully me being here improves your feelings towards the game. If it doesn’t? That’s fine too, but I’m not doing anything nefarious here.”

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It’s worth noting that only a few days after the interaction, the posts made by  Grant Rodiek was deleted from the forum site, so we are still now sure about the future of Sims 5.

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