SoftCube, an e-commerce website which deals in gathering customer data across multiple communication channels to improve shopping experience has raised $200,000 fund from leading venture capital company Digital Future. The deal was finalised so as to grow business and marketing strategy in US.


The sole reason to fund SoftCube was its increased popularity. The company is well known in European market as it provides services to around  25 customers including Metro Cash & Carry. Now stepping in US market needs capital and Digital Future helped them out.

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According to Founder of Digital Future, Oleksii Vitchenko, ” (I am) Happy to watch SoftCube grow in such rapid pace. Always kept an eye on the growth and have been thinking lately in terms of investment. They have emerged as huge company in an e-commerce market whilst leaving behind  there competitors. Once I was convinced on investing but held my decisions for few months. Finally followed my guts and landed up in making the right decision how-so-ever. Believe in SoftCube that it will conquer the e-commerce world by providing customer personalization in huge manner.”

On the other hand, Founder of SoftCube, Oleg Leslov stated that the company’s sole interest is providing customised recommendations as per consumer’s interest. It helps in boosting up sales from 15 to 20% simply by appropriate calculations. SoftCube works on unique mathematical model technology that help in effective growth rate of e-commerce companies. It also includes petty products which directly and indirectly helps in growth rate.

Thus, Digital Future and SoftCube working hand in hand will boost up the North American e-commerce market. The company will keep keen interest in gathering customer data with accuracy. It will upheld the market situation providing expertise guidance as well as visionary to implement innovations in  US market. Together it will definitely bring change and help in development regarding e-commerce world.

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