Apple Watch 2 Rumours: It Won’t Tether With iPhone

Apple Watch 2

Reports are that the Apple Watch 2 will be independent of iPhone and that the folks at Apple are currently working to provide the device with a faster processor and towards incorporating cellular connectivity. The company has recently announced that the apps of the watch is going to be native. Which just means that the device is going to run entirely on hardware in future.

Apple Watch 2

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Apple Watch 2 will be able to function without exchanging data with the iPhone. With this new watch, users will experience greater animation performance without any holdups. The new processor will augment the performance of the watch and run faster. Compared to the original Apple Watch, the 2nd generation is going to be a lot more faster, which is a good news of Apple Watch enthusiasts.

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The Business Insider reported due to the inclusion of an independent cellular connection, it’s possible that the device may allow several new uses for app developers. Last month, Will Price, CEO of Simple Control, “Once the watch apps are able to be run independent from the phone, then potentially it’s its own app. But for now, the watch app is clearly a companion, because it literally cannot do anything without the phone.”

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Its worth noting that Apple is not the first company to incorporate built-in cellular in their smart watches. Samsung and LG has done it before. They embedded their smartphones with LTE which enabled LTE mobility. Well, whatever the case is, it’s certain that, for people who have already invested extra on data plans to work it together with your iPhone, they’ll be disappointed.

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