20 Inventions That Will Solve Your Most Annoying Problems, 14th Is A Fun

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Life is full of problems. Here are 20 marvelous inventions that will blow your mind with the ease they help us in doing most annoying tasks.Here we go

1. Jelly Cloth to reach most difficultareas, Great!!!!

2. Bike with a stroller for both mother/father and kid. So relaxing for parents

3. Drink that will charge not only you but your phone as well

4. Chopper cum Weighing scale

5. ReusableCandle, Good for your pocket

6.The corkscrew pineapple cutter

7.Collection of oil and spices

8.USB port with space availabilityindicator

9. Night Sleepers with LED

10. Multipurpose Jig-Saw tray

11. Pot hooked to you balcony

12.Dry Bench or drying bench

13.Hair Brush so easy to clean

14.’Niceballs’ are stress relieving balls that you can attach tothe bottom ofyour desk and squeeze atwork

15. Double pizza knife with two blades

16. No spilling around ‘Cup’

17. Bedside table with a convertibletray

18. Time bound storage jars

19. Work smartly with smartphone keyboard

20.Boiling pod

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