15 Idiosyncrasies of A Good Employee

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15 Idiosyncrasies

While hiring someone, whether the business is small or large, an employer always looks for some qualities that would help not just the company but also promote a healthy working environment for other employees. An employer not only looks for current traits and qualities but also what could be honed in the future. Experts over at Forbes magazine featured an article on the traits most employers look for. These include:

1. Action-oriented:

People in the company who are just comfortable with working in a routine and not striving to come up with more ideas for the work to move forward for the growth of the company are generally not preferred by an employer. They seek someone who is just not words but also acts on his words.

2. Intelligent:

While some would argue that intelligence is not everything, they would also agree that it is somewhat necessary. You cannot expect an employee to spend most of his time proofreading, micromanaging or dealing with heightened stress levels. Whereas, on the same level, an intelligent employee would be able to manage his time and work to the deadlines easily.

3. Ambitious:

A good employee often shows ambition to rise to the top and in doing so, they not only work for their own growth but also for the growth of the company. When an employee years to work hard and avail bonuses and promotions, the company benefits multifold in profits.

4. Autonomous:

An employee should be capable of doing work on his or her own without requiring constant looking over and attention. After all, the boss has his own job to do as well. When everyone in the company starts working without any requirement of supervision, everyday dealings of the company go smoothly without any friction.

5. Leadership:

Every employer looks for a leader from within the community to one day lead the company towards success and keeps the torch flame. Therefore, when hiring someone, leadership is looked for within the prospectives.

6. Cultural Fit:

A prospective employee should promote a healthy working environment. Someone with an offensive personality would not only make life difficult for the employer but also make other employees uncomfortable to be around him.

7. Upbeat:

Everyone loves an employee who keeps a positive atmosphere around himself and is always energetic. His level of enthusiasm never fades and he is always ready to help whoever needs him.

8. Confident:

A good employee is confident around everyone. He does not get intimidated by a person in a higher position and his attitude towards his work does not change with who the work is being done for.

9. Successful:

A candidate’s past is just as important as his future. His past successes draw him up to be capable of handling assignments and invokes faith in the candidate.

10. Honest:

Honesty is the best policy and has always been. A company does not require a ‘Yes’ man but looks for someone who can provide his honest opinion when asked.

11. Detail Oriented:

‘The Devil lies in the detail’ and a good employee is capable of spotting errors in the smallest details. His work is always near perfection and he takes a keen interest in looking and improving his mistakes.

12. Modest:

A good employee never shouts but works in silence and then his work speaks over the microphones. He is always humble and never asks for praise. He does not need other people’s praises to satisfy an ego.

13. Hard working:

One of the most basic needs in an employee is the requirement to work hard. A 9-5 employee would never work to establish either himself or the company.

14. Marketable:

An employee should be presentable as well. He represents the company in itself and whilst dealing with clients, he is the face of the company.

15. Passionate:

A good employee remains passionate about his work and when his work becomes his passion, every day he feels motivated to work more rather than consider his work just a job.

Information on product and services can be trained within an employee but qualities mentioned above have to be instilled within the employee himself.

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