12 facts you should know about American Food

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If you are planning to visit USA you should know few fun food facts, America likes to shop, and we spend a lot of time doing it. Generally every year all the Americans spend trillions of dollars on clothing, electronics, foods and  household items, cars and a billion other products. Most of the Americans would most likely be shocked by some facts concerning their terribly own country. If you’re getting to visit America pick USA tour packages for higher facilities.

Here are few amazing facts about American foods you should know.


Image result for Coca-Cola was first invented in Atlanta

The popular drink referred to as Coca-Cola was initial invented in Atlanta, Georgia. it absolutely invented as a healthful drink and was initial marketed and sold-out during a pharmacy store on could eight, 1886.


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Fast food restaurants have been grown rapidly year by year in America since the early of 1900s. Many of the major fast food companies in the world originated in American state.


The American state of Florida is the leading producer of oranges in the whole U.S. and the second producer of oranges within the world (behind Brazil).


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The state Georgia is known as the largest producer of peanuts in America, it supplies over 40% of the U.S. market.


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Baked Alaska is generally derived from the name of classic sweet flan that looks like an iceberg, it has a white outer made of meringue and is filled with frozen ice cream; it was named after the American State.


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The Boston of the Universe cream pie dates back to the nineteenth century it was absolutely adopted because the official state course of Massachusetts on Dec12, 1996.


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American Thanksgiving is an important festival that is done every year when all members of the family come together to eat and celebrate. Stores sell more food products at this time than any other time of the year.


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The American holiday that is called as Thanksgiving, it originates back to 1621 when pilgrim settlers from England established land in the U.S. They gathered food and crops and gave thanks of God for his or her winning harvest.


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The National Turkey Federation roughly calculates that in America state over 46 million turkeys are eaten at Thanksgiving,that is more than double the amount eaten at Christmas time.


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Some United States of America have adopted a fruit pies as an official state food they include; Florida – Key Lime Pie (adopted 2006), Maine – Blueberry Pie (adopted 2011) and Vermont – Apple Pie (adopted 1999).


Fruity Fact! 98% of all eating grapes are generally produced in America are grown in the state of California!


It was unreal that American old President St. George H Bush typically failed to sort of a bound inexperienced vegetable and was once quoted as voice communication “I don’t like broccoli. and that i haven’t liked it since from my childhood and my mother created Maine eat it. and i am President of the u. s. and i am not attending to eat any longer broccoli”.

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Here are few fun facts and interesting information about American foods. Opt for USA holiday packages from Dubai to visit America and know about fun food facts.

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