10 Most Amazing Hollywood Movies That Every Women Should Watch Alone

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Hollywood Movies

Every woman on this planet deserves a day off and also sometime alone with herself. And that’s why we have a list of 10 movies which every woman should watch with a bucket of popcorn for her.


A 1990 fantasy thriller that created a buzz around with the star cast of Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. When the young lead actor is murdered untimely, the spirit stays to warn his lover about the dangers. She gets the help from the reluctant psychic.

2.What Women Want

Mel Gibson is portrayed as an advertising executive and is also a male chauvinistic. Accidently during the movie, he gets a power of hearing what women are thinking in their heads. It is then he meets Helen Hunt and does everything to back stab her but eventually falls in love with her. Mel Gibson’s first rom-com and definitely the best of all is a must watch.


A Story of a man who falls in love with a shy French anthropologist who dresses quite provocatively to study women group called Bimbos!


A hilarious plot about a serious situation is what Monster-in-Law about. Jennifer Lopez finds it difficult to survive her boyfriend’s mother who just hates Jennifer.

5.Cruel Intentions

The story of two evil siblings who are from an elite background of Manhattan who put up a bet to make the headmaster’s daughter lose her virginity before the term starts.

6.Dear John

A beautiful love story between Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried portrays the relationship status between them when John goes off to serve his country as a soldier.

7.The Girl

The plot of the film is all about the Hitchcock’s fascination about the actress Tippi Hedren. The movie won 3 Golden Globes and is a must watch.

8.The Other Boleyn Girl

It is the story of Anne Boleyn who wants to be King Henry VIII’s queen wife and hates older sister Mary Boleyn.

9.Meet Joe Black

It is the story of the Grim Reaper who wants to escort William Parrish’s soul but ends up falling for his daughter.

10.How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days

The plot of the movie is about a bet and an official task, now you just need to watch which side wins and which doesn’t win.

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