10 Jaw-dropping Dream Houses You’d Love To Own Someday

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Jaw-dropping Dream

We’ve all had our crazy fetishes when it comes to owning a dream house and that’s pretty normal I guess. But while we’re only fantasizing about them, there are people who are living a dream in their very own dream cribs!

These houses will definitely leave you enthralled by only the look of it, let alone anything else.

1. The monolithic dome

Having a dome shaped home is absolutely D-O-P-E!

2. The Domespace

This beautiful eco-friendly Domespace in New Paltz, NY is breathtaking!

3. The Drew-House

This artistic holiday home is to be found in Queensland, Australia.

4. The Shape-spear!

Dayum! This one definitely stole the show for me.

Don’t we all love how people play with shapes in the right way?

5. Dupli Casa

This contemporary house was chiseled by a German designer Jrgen Mayer H with such unique detailing.

6. Crown House

This minimalist design!

7. The Seashell house

For the sea lover in you!

8. Flight of birds

The name defines the entire concept of the house which is in Azores.

9. The Flinstones House

This house in Malibu is like everyone’s childhood dream come true!

10. The Underground

Now that definitely is one of my fetishes of a dream house, to live somewhere amidst nowhere in absolute luxury!

Nonetheless, no matter what choice of this and that and a little bit of imperfection compiles your idea of a dream house, there’s always a way to make your personal space the utmost perfect place with Hitachi air conditioners.

Because every home deserves Hitachi cooling!

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